(Очаква се превод)
The Human Family is facing the greatest threshold in its long history – its emergence into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. This emergence will change human perception, belief and how we live here on Earth. Yet humanity is unprepared.
For the first time, the preparation for crossing the great threshold into the Greater Community is being made available through the writings of MV Summers. This vast body of Teachings in its entirety is unlike anything in the world today and represents a New Message for Humanity. Education and Action are essential to bring this new message and awareness to Humanity.
Continue your Greater Community education in the Free School of the New Message. Global, online and open to everyone.

Further resources:

Preparing for the Greater Community Chapter 3: The Essential Truths about the Greater Community Chapter 7: The Great Challenge Awaiting Humanity Chapter 13: Human Responses to the Greater Community

Life in the Universe: The reality and spirituality of Life in the Universe

Greater Community Spirituality Chapter 6: What Is the Greater Community? Chapter 15: Who Serves Humanity? Chapter 21: What is The Greater Community Way of Knowledge? Chapter 23: How is Knowledge Translated in the Greater Community?

The Great Waves of Change Chapter 9: The Great Waves Prophecy Chapter 10: The Great Waves and the Reality of Contact

Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume One

Chapter 3: Greater Community

Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume Two Chapter 10: Greater Community Visitations

Chapter 15: Responding to the Greater Community

Chapter 17: Visitors’ Perceptions of Humanity

Chapter 25: Environments Chapter 28: Greater Community Realities

Living the Way of Knowledge Chapter11: Preparing for the Future

Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing Step 157: I am not alone in the universe. Step 187: I am a Citizen of the Greater Community of Worlds. Step 190: The world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds, and that is why I have come. Step 199: The world I see is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds. Step 203: The Greater Community is influencing the world I see. Step 248: I will rely upon the Wisdom of the universe to instruct me. Step 256: The world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds. Step 326: The Greater Community is something I can feel but cannot understand.

Teachings of the New Message:

Teacher’s Commentaries from Allies of Humanity Book Two: