Alle Menneskehedens Allieredes Briefinger er tilgængelige gratis online. Begynd rejsen med Allierede Bog Fire.

The Allies of Humanity are a group of individuals from several different worlds who came to the vicinity of the Earth to observe the alien Intervention that is occurring in our world and to report on the activities of this Intervention and its implications for the human race.

Through their Briefings, the Allies are revealing the reality of Contact occurring in the world today—who the visitors are, why they are here and the larger agenda behind their activities. In doing so, the Briefings fill in many of the critical gaps in our understanding of the reality of extraterrestrial visitation and the UFO phenomenon, which have been the focus of research and inquiry for over seven decades.

These Briefings are part of a greater communication from those races in our local universe who support humanity’s freedom and sovereignty as it emerges into a “Greater Community” of life. This is an authentic message from an extraterrestrial source, warning us of the dangers of Intervention from beyond and urging us to prepare for the challenges of life in the universe.

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A Message from Marshall Vian Summers

Første briefing: Hvem Vi Er og Hvad Vi Repræsenterer

Anden Briefing: Vigtigheden af Tilbageholdelse

Tredje Briefing: Frihed i Universet

Fjerde Briefing: Højere Magter

Femte Briefing: Den Store Koordination

Sjette Briefing: De Vises Netværk

12-Point Summary of the Allies of Humanity Briefings

The Society for Det Nye Budskab leverer nu alle Menneskehedens Allieredes fire bind, uden omkostninger for dig. Det gør vi for at dette budskab kan nå så mange mennesker som muligt, både på græsrodsniveau og i politiske, økonomiske og religiøse magtstillinger.