The Release of The Allies of Humanity: Book Four

május 13, 2021
Reed Summers
Today The Allies of Humanity Book Four is being released to the world free online and in both print and ebook forms. And already, the Briefings are being translated by our team of over 70 translators and made available in 30 languages.

Bringing these Briefings to publication has been an important for Marshall and all of us with him. These Briefings confirm that 22 years after their first set of briefings were given, the Allies of Humanity are still with us. The Allies are still observing the world. They are still warning and instructing us about the reality of Alien Intervention. And they are still teaching us about life in the universe, presenting Knowledge and Wisdom from the Greater Community to help prepare our world for its emergence out of its ancient isolation in the cosmos and into real participation in a universe of intelligent life.

From the beginning, the Allies of Humanity have supported our unity as a world, our freedom as a world, and our development of Knowledge, the spiritual intelligence and power within each human being. Yet now, in their fourth set of Briefings, the true scope of the Allies’ mission and the great network of assistance available to humanity is being fully revealed. As humanity faces increasing upheaval in the world and the ongoing reality of Intervention from beyond the world, it is critical that we learn of this greater assistance and the larger effort underway to support our world as it crosses the greatest evolutionary threshold in its history: contact with intelligent life in the universe.

In Book Four, the Allies speak about the spiritual powers that provide this assistance to humanity and how this assistance is connected to a greater effort underway in the universe to support Knowledge and freedom and redemption in all life, despite many efforts and agendas both within and beyond our world to suppress or control or stop this greater good from expressing itself in life.

The fourth set of Briefings from the Allies of Humanity were revealed to Marshall in the fall of 2016. The Allies contacted Marshall on the morning of October 22nd and delivered six short Briefings in one continuous session. Still today I remember that morning in October and the moments leading up to this completely unexpected event. Along with my mother Patricia, I had the privilege to be in the room with Marshall as the Allies spoke these Briefings to him with the assistance of the angelic presence.

Reading Book Four, you may find it speaks in a different tone than the previous three books. I feel this may perhaps reflect a number of changes that have occurred in the eight years since their third set of briefings were given in 2008.

Much has happened in these eight years and I feel the nature of the Allies communication reflects this. It is short, terse and to the point. The Allies speak plainly of the requirements for freedom, as directives that humanity must follow to establish itself as a free race in the universe. These requirements come with minimal explanation and commentary. They simply are what they are. We will follow them or we will not.

Perhaps this is because the Intervention has proceeded in their Agenda largely unopposed in the public arena, with their reach growing at a time when social media and the open internet have flourished. There are still only a few people actively providing a counterpoint to the Intervention’s deceptive message regarding spiritual upliftment, advanced technology and humanity’s need for Contact.

Alongside the requirements for freedom in the universe, the Allies reveal their relationship to the higher powers that support humanity’s development and preparation for Contact. These are the higher powers who have brought the New Message into the world and, with the Revelation, the preparation in Steps to Knowledge.

This fourth set of Briefings finally establishes the connection between the Allies and the New Message and makes clear that both are part of the same mission to keep Knowledge alive in this world, to warn humanity of the dangerous Intervention underway in the world and to prepare humanity for its future life in the Greater Community.

With this, the Allies reveal that a great Network of the Wise exists across many worlds, bridging the Plan of God across vast distances and supporting the emergence and expression of Knowledge in all forms of intelligent life. This is the Plan of the Creator at work in the universe, and the Allies and the New Message both confirm that this Plan touches our world at this time, holding a greater destiny for our world that few have considered before.

With Book Four, the mission and legacy of the Allies of Humanity grows and comes into a more complete picture. Stepping back, it is truly remarkable what has happened. A small group of extraterrestrial observers from several free worlds have come to the vicinity of the Earth and have delivered 25 Briefings on the reality of Contact in our world and the requirements for humanity’s freedom and success in a larger universe of intelligent life.

This is happening now, in your time, and you are one of the first to know about this, to read these Briefings and to receive their message and call to action. Step back and consider this. At a deeper level, it begins to make sense why you would be one of the first to receive this, given who you are, and why you are in the world.

And for me, it is no less remarkable that this process has happened through my father, through my family, beginning back in 1983 and still underway in the present. Occasionally, I find time and space to pause and be with how special this really is. The publication of the Allies’ fourth set of Briefings gives me that pause for reflection.

Join me in receiving this fourth set of Briefings from the Allies of Humanity:

  • Study these six new briefings from the Allies and consider the requirements for freedom they present, even if they are challenging and you are unsure how they will be enacted.
  • Share all four books from the Allies of Humanity with others and communicate in your own way the essential message of the Allies regarding Contact, The Intervention and the Greater Community.
  • Help Marshall Vian Summers, myself and The Society bring the larger message of the Allies and the New Message to the many people who need to hear it now.
  • Hold high the great value and promise of our human race and alert others to what threatens this value and promise now and in the future—the danger of Intervention from beyond, and all those forces and tendencies in the human family that would break us down into ever smaller and weaker groups, tribes and nations, ultimately denying our greater future in the universe.
  • Be one of the forerunners for this awareness and advocate for this awareness to others.
  • Practice the Greater Community Way of Knowledge in your own life and be one of those who is preparing for humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community.
  • Know that there is a community of people gathering now around the world for this very purpose—men and women who are advocating for the freedom of our world and are working towards securing this freedom. Be a part of this freedom movement.

And let us continue these efforts over time, so that in the year 2024 — eight years after the fourth set of Briefings were given—the work to build education, awareness and Knowledge in the world has moved forward and greater strides have been taken to build the foundation for humanity’s future life in the Greater Community of life.