Second Briefing: The Requirements for Freedom in the Universe

There are three requirements that all nations must meet if they are to establish and maintain their freedom and self-determination in the Greater Community. This holds true both for nations living in highly populated regions of space, such as is the case of your world, and for nations that live in remote regions, even in uncharted territories where contact with other races can be very rare and very hazardous.

The world has been given to humanity as its world of origin, as its place of residence and as a splendid environment in which humanity could evolve and build its civilizations and learn the lessons of peace and cooperation, both by principle and by error.

Do not ever think that this world is owned by anyone else, that any other race in the universe has rights to this world or has any special privilege for visiting this world or can make any claims of ownership to this world or any claims of authorship for human evolution.

This is your planet of origin. It has been given to you by the Creator of the universe with the hope and the desire that you would prosper here and maintain this world as the precious resource that it is. It has been given so that it may sustain you through your difficult phases of development and so that it may sustain you as you emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life, where such worlds of biological diversity are rare.

The three requirements are unity, self-sufficiency and extreme discretion. We shall give you more information on each of these so that you may understand more fully why they are so important and what they really mean and will require.

There are three requirements that all nations must meet if they are to establish and maintain their freedom and self-determination in the Greater Community.

Unity in your world does not mean that everyone is the same, thinks the same or behaves in a similar manner. It can accommodate the diversity of cultures that the world now possesses. But there must be a unity of purpose, a common purpose to protect the resources of the world and to establish a boundary to space where all nations cooperate with one another, not only for their interests in their national security, but for the security of the entire world. This of course will require an unprecedented cooperation between your nations and governments. With a Greater Community education and awareness, this great accomplishment is possible.

You must turn your eyes to the heavens. You have no defense against life intruding from beyond. You do not have the skills to tell friend from foe or to recognize a competitor. You are obsessed with the needs of your nation and your difficulties with other nations.

You will also need this unity to face the declining resources of your world and the great and perilous consequences for the human family. This includes the environmental damage you have created in your world—the damage to your climate systems, to your water and to other life giving resources that have supplied and sustained humanity over its long and slow evolution.

Human unity now will not be the consequence of ideology but of necessity, for you will fail if you are divided facing the great change in your world, and you will fail in the face of the Greater Community if you cannot establish this unity of will and purpose. All free nations in the universe must establish this unity of will and purpose, particularly regarding their use of their home worlds and their awareness and approach to the Greater Community. This need, therefore, is universal.

Your evolution has always been towards greater unity and cooperation, but now it must enter a more mature phase. For no nation will prosper and remain free if other nations in your world fall under foreign persuasion—a persuasion that will encourage human conflict in order to weaken the earthly powers that you have and to weaken the strength of the human family, fracturing it and making it more susceptible to persuasion, to foreign manipulation and to the need for foreign technology.

Your unity must be a unity of purpose based upon a greater awareness of your vulnerability to space and the fundamental need to establish a sustainable use of your world and its vital but limited resources. Never think that you can go into the Greater Community and take whatever you want from it. For the Greater Community in which you live, and which you will face, is owned by others who are far more powerful than you. Your warlike nature and tendencies, then, must become arrested if you are to gain this unity of purpose and the will and the strength to withstand foreign intervention and persuasion.

Human unity here may only be forged under a great challenge, for there is too much division of purpose and intent within your world for nations to establish such an essential common ground. It will be necessity that will drive you to create this, if ever you will. It will be an undaunted and persistent need that will drive humanity to unite in its own defense—defense against internal collapse and defense against external intrusion.

Within your nations and your cultures, there must be this unity of purpose, or the great resources and talent of humanity will not be brought to bear to face its great environmental challenges and to face the difficulties of emerging into a Greater Community of life.

Humanity’s future in the universe will be largely determined not just by foreign persuasion or intrusion, but by your ability to create a sustainable use of the world. Here humanity will have to enter a more mature phase of its development. You will not be able to focus on growth and expansion, for your resources will constrain your expansion, and your growth and the universe will not allow you to reach out and take what you need from other worlds beyond this solar system.

Nations who are aware of your presence, who are not intervening in your world, will respect your sphere of influence if it is established within this solar system alone. But beyond that, any intrusions into space or into the territories or worlds governed or owned by others will be intensely resisted.

You have boundaries and constraints now, and these are new to your experience, for you have been growing and expanding for so very long. But there are limits to this. Your world will limit you, and the Greater Community will limit you.

Unknown to humanity is the reality that great empires in the universe are rare and tend to be very unstable, unable to supply and sustain themselves over long periods of time. They either collapse at their perimeters or, due to instability, at their core. It is smaller nations and networks of nations that have been able to establish long-term stability with one another through very strictly enforced rules of trade and commerce and through establishing a greater consensus for mutual well-being and stability.

Your notions of growth and expansion, therefore, will have to change. For you cannot plunder the Earth without bringing yourself to a devastated state, a state that can be easily taken over by others in the universe. While outright conquest of your world is not permitted in this region of space, other nations are free to intervene under two conditions: first, if the native peoples of your world appear to others to welcome intervention and to not resist it; and, second, if humanity were to fall into a truly deprived and declined state. Under the second set of circumstances, other nations would be free to come and take the world for themselves, using humanity as a resource for their own ends.

It is these two conditions that allow intervention in this region of space. It is because you live in a highly inhabited part of the universe that conquest is not allowed. For attempts at conquest create instability and conflict, and instability and conflict are resisted by networks of powerful nations who seek to maintain stability and security at all costs, even at the cost of their own freedom. It is entering a more stable and sustainable state that all worlds in the universe must seek to achieve at some point in their development.

Therefore, war in the universe as you imagine it is very, very rare. It may occur in uncharted regions where two opposing nations may fight over the spoils of a world or set of resources that they both value. But in highly developed parts of space, such conflicts are not permitted. Here resource exploration and exploitation must happen under certain conditions that do not generate war, conflict or instability between the resident nations of those regions.

In this sense, the Greater Community is a different environment than you are accustomed to. It has achieved a sustainable state, at least in your region of space regarding those nations that you will encounter. In uncharted regions, it can be much more unstable, and conflict can erupt dramatically. But eventually nations realize that war and conflict destroy resources, and resources are what they must acquire and preserve. So other means are sought to persuade one another, beyond the use of force. This is why the powers of persuasion and perception have been established to a very high degree throughout many regions of the universe. We know of few exceptions to this in very highly inhabited regions.

Once nations realize they cannot fight each other without mutual loss, they will enter into cooperative agreements, and they will maintain these agreements very strictly over long periods of time. These are the conditions that you will face in engaging with your local universe. That is why your recklessness, your aggressiveness and your use of force are looked upon with such disdain and concern by established nations in your region. Here you will not be allowed to exert such aggression beyond this solar system. This restraint between established nations serves to check aggression and to limit the spread of war and conflict. This has proven to be effective in the universe, and thus it is practiced.

Your unity here gives you strength and gives you respect in the eyes of others. Other nations will be far less likely to try to persuade you through inappropriate means or even through means that are allowed within the laws of this region if they have to face a united and discerning race of beings. If the human family can establish such unity of purpose and gain a greater education about life in the universe, which we are providing to you through these sets of Briefings, then any attempt at intervention or persuasion here will be far more difficult. But as it is at this moment, you have your backs to space. You are not paying attention. You are not looking. And those of you who are looking often look under the persuasion of your own desires and preferences, without the clarity of vision that is required.

In a more united state, you will preserve your resources and share them equitably because you will have realized that you must establish a state of stability and security. What other nations in the universe have established to maintain peace and equanimity is what humanity will have to establish within your own world. The choice here is fundamental. It is the greatest choice you will have to make, and it will have to be made repeatedly—to choose either war and conflict or agreement and cooperation.

Your declining resources will help you in this regard, for if any nation in your world seeks to remain aggressive and hostile, its resources can be denied to it by the rest of the world. This is what happens in the Greater Community should any nation become aggressive and hostile, seeking to dominate or overwhelm other nations, seeking conquest of territory or seeking to eliminate its competitors. Such a nation will have to face a united opposition by all others who are involved in their networks of trade. This has effectively eliminated a great deal of conflict in the universe.

It is necessity, then, that drives such cooperation. Yet humanity has not yet established such agreements, for it has not had to face what all advancing nations in the universe must face, and that is the depletion of their resources.

It is resource depletion that has the possibility of forging a greater union amongst your peoples. Yet resource depletion can also lead to competition, conflict and war. There are many nations that we know of and have heard of that have destroyed themselves at the doorstep of the Greater Community—struggling over who will have dominance, who will have wealth and who will have priority within their own worlds.

Unity for a race must be established sooner or later. It can be established through submission and domination or through consensus and wisdom. This too represents a fundamental choice. Unfortunately, most nations that we know of, and certainly most nations in this region of space, have chosen the former option, choosing the submission and domination of their peoples to establish a unity of purpose and to crush dissent. Free nations, which are so rare in the universe, have chosen consensus and wisdom as their overriding need and emphasis.

Humanity, in facing the decline of your resources and the spoiling of your world, will have to make this decision as well as to what kind of unity it will establish. If you do not establish unity, you will simply destroy the remaining resources and greatly limit humanity’s ability to live in this world.

Other races do not want to see this occur, and so part of their emphasis on intervention is to prevent the destruction of the natural environment, which they hold to be far more valuable than the human presence here. Yet you must understand that those races who are competing for access to this world do not want to destroy the human family, for they need you as their liaisons to work in this world. They are unable to live within this world, unable to live in its environment, unable to face the biological hazard of its countless organisms. Races that have evolved in sterile environments cannot live in worlds such as yours without immense hazard and without the great risk of contaminating not only themselves, but also their home worlds with foreign biological agents, to which they have no immunity and which their medicines have not yet evolved to counteract.

Therefore, humanity is valuable to intervening races—valuable as a workforce, valuable as those who can work in the world for the benefit of foreign powers. But this benefit will not be yours, and should you lose your freedom to foreign intervention and persuasion, the life it would create for you would be truly tragic and unfortunate.

In the Greater Community, all advancing nations have faced the problem of resource depletion. As a result, resource acquisition and the stability and sustainability of resource acquisition have become the overriding emphasis. Nations that have advanced technology that requires resources from foreign places become extremely dependent upon maintaining access to these resources and to establishing peaceful and diplomatic relations with those who supply them.

Here advanced technology makes you even more vulnerable to foreign persuasion and control. If you need rare elements that can only be found in remote regions or which are only possessed by certain races, then you must accommodate their needs, demands and preferences in order to be privileged to receive such resources. The competition for these resources would be intense. This makes any nation that has such needs vulnerable and at great risk of instability and even collapse. If the technology and structure of society are dependent upon foreign manufacture and foreign resources, then it is vulnerable.

It is this vulnerability that humanity must seek to avoid. Do not be foolish in accepting gifts from those who are visiting your world. Do not be persuaded that you must have this foreign technology for your own benefit. If you do accept such things, you will become vulnerable. Unable now to provide for yourselves, you will have to meet the terms of those who have become your providers.

Here freedom and self-sufficiency become intertwined. If you are not self-sufficient, you will not be free. Even if you were able to gain from others access to those resources to which you have become accustomed and upon which you have built the infrastructure of your new society, you would lose your freedom. You would lose any leverage you have over how you will engage with others and what the terms of that engagement will be.

This represents an essential understanding that you must have in approaching the Greater Community. Do not accept trinkets from space, for you will undermine your freedom in the process. Nothing really important will be given to humanity in this regard by those who are intervening in your world. They are seeking to create dependency and addiction. This gives them power and leverage, even in their small numbers, over a much larger human family that is unsuspecting and that can be easily persuaded.

To introduce new sources of power into your world would make you dependent upon those who are here to take advantage of the world for their own purposes. Humanity has not gained the unity yet to use its technology for entirely beneficial purposes. You do not need more powerful weapons now. You do not need more destructive weapons. The use of weapons in space is so very limited. That is not how you will gain advantage or protection in the Greater Community. Learning this represents a more mature phase of humanity’s evolution. Here it will be persuasion and perception, freedom and a deeper Knowledge that will assure your well-being, not the use of force.

Nations in your region of space have security forces and can amass together a great military power, but this is only for the mutual defense of their trading networks. They have realized that they cannot overwhelm each other by force, and so they seek to influence each other through persuasion and thought. This represents a more mature use of power in the universe and a new threshold of learning for humanity.

Your reckless use of your world’s resources and your reliance upon technology to save you from its consequences represent two very foolish and damaging pursuits. You will have to sustain yourselves with what you have within this world if you are to remain free. Even your allies in the universe will not be able to sustain you from afar because they do not have these capabilities. They will not seduce you to become dependent upon their technology or their foreign governance because they represent free nations and not those who seek to take advantage and to exploit weaker nations, such as yours.

You must look at your world as your storehouse for food, water and energy and for all the things that you will need both now and in the future. If you exhaust these, you will decline, undoing all of the progress that you have made. Even your technological potential will not be able to be realized in the face of such great social disintegration. This would make you vulnerable to one of the great opportunities that others have over a weak and failed race, an opportunity that is permitted in the Greater Community. That opportunity is seen as rescuing a planet’s resources from the overexploitation of its native race, which is allowable given the ethics and the rules of engagement that exist in this part of the galaxy.

It is not humanity’s subjugation or ruin that we want to promote, but instead its strength, its unity and the fulfillment of its great potential in the universe. Yet certain things must be understood. Technology alone will not save you from resource depletion, and resource depletion will undo your technology. You must establish through time, consensus and cooperation a sustainable use of your world—maintaining its biological diversity, the quality of its atmosphere, the quality of its waters and the quality of its soils and its lands.

Adversity will help you to come to terms with this and to see its necessity. But adversity can also undo you, setting in motion forces of destruction that would be very difficult to stop.

Your allies in the universe have great concern over this. Given your transmissions into space, they have seen the potential here. They know the path that most races follow in the depletion of their world’s resources, the inevitable results of this depletion and the resulting loss of their sovereignty and control to other nations. This is the path that most nations have taken. The consequences are predictable and are largely the same.

At this moment, larger powers in the universe who are aware of you, view you as reckless and destructive. Though they themselves are not intervening in your world, they will allow other independent commercial forces to attempt to gain access here. Should that access be accomplished and fulfilled, and should the power of authority be shifted from the human family to others, then the larger powers will enter to take advantage of the situation.

Much depends on your understanding and perception and upon the self-sufficiency that you can establish and sustain in your world. If your peoples agree to live simply, to share resources and to limit your population through ethical means, then you will be able to establish a greater stability and self-sufficiency. Then the greater powers in your region will not look upon you with the same desire for intervention, but will have to respect you as a united people who cannot be conquered by the use of subtle forces.

Unity gives you strength, but also respect in the Greater Community. Though attempts to bring you into the trade networks will be ongoing and persuasive, intervention such as is occurring in the world today would not likely be attempted. Yet in your divided and conflicted state, such intervention is occurring and is progressing. It will seek to shift the authority of the world to foreign powers with human participation and support. It will seek to use the human family. It will seek to gain the great advantages this world offers in its vast biological resources through the use of human labor and cooperation.

It is known to us through your transmissions and through our own observation of your world that some people believe that other races could easily come and set up a colony in the world and establish themselves here using their advanced technology. But given the biological hazard that your world creates for those who are visiting, this is not easy to do and has never been successfully accomplished. In fact, your world has the power to infect and destroy entire races in your local universe, given the presence and the diversity of its biological agents. Other races have rendered their worlds barren, and in many cases, devoid of nearly all of the native life forms. They have little or no immunity from contamination.

Earth then can be viewed as both a great asset and as an immense source of contamination. It is viewed in both these ways by all races who are aware of your presence and who recognize the importance of your world and the condition of humanity.

The third requirement is the need for extreme discretion. To be a free race in a neighborhood of space filled with races that have no freedom and do not want to encourage freedom, you must become extremely discreet. You must establish yourself as a non-threatening presence to these worlds. You must not engage in trade with them to any significant degree. And you must not allow them to visit your world and to scrutinize your behavior.

The rules of engagement in this region of space will give you these rights if you can demonstrate a united intent and purpose in establishing and maintaining your boundaries to space. Powerful nations recognize other powerful nations. They are not persuaded by other kinds of inducements. To them, power is resources, and resources represent not only wealth but survival. For their advanced technology has made their survival now more difficult to sustain and their resources more difficult to acquire.

This is so very different from how the peoples of the world view such things. They think the world is there to be plundered, and once the world has been plundered, the universe is there to be plundered, and by that point, they believe they will have the technology to plunder it. But you cannot plunder the universe. Many have tried, and all have failed.

Your discretion then becomes critically important. You will have to learn how to communicate without broadcasting into space. Even the most secret involvements of your governments are broadcast into space in many situations and can be easily discerned by those who have gained knowledge of your language and your tendencies. For the world has been observed for a long time by all the powers in your vicinity.

Those who seek to gain advantage here have waited until you built an infrastructure that they can use, and now they are attempting to persuade you to give them the reins of power and to make you dependent upon their technology and the sources of their technology.

This approach takes time and patience, but this is how nations gain control over other nations. It has proven to be the most effective path towards expanding one’s influence and power, particularly in highly inhabited parts of the universe such as this.

You do not want to be open to the universe. You do not want to reveal your activities, your conflicts, your difficulties, your aspirations, your plans and your goals to those who observe you. Your allies understand this, for they have had to maintain great secrecy regarding their presence in the universe and their engagement with other nations. Only those nations that are free can associate with one another more freely, but even then, their engagement is limited and must be protected with great emphasis.

You know not of the great disadvantage you are creating for yourself in broadcasting your communications into space. It is the problem of living on the surface of your world, where everything can be observed. Many advanced nations in the universe have chosen to live underground for this purpose, and some have chosen to live underground out of necessity, for if your planet’s climate system is disrupted, surface living becomes difficult if not impossible. Living underground has many advantages. Discretion is one of them. But that is not your condition now, so you will have to find other ways to maintain discretion.

Your world is being watched. Your governments are being watched. Your conflicts are being watched. Your trade and commerce are being watched. Your tendencies are being watched, both by your allies and by those who would seek to exploit you.

In the future, should you gain a greater unity and should you be able to sustain the use of your world, the development of this discretion will become essential. For indiscretion is always exploited in nature. It always makes one vulnerable in nature, and the universe is a natural environment, fundamentally.

There are limits to technology. There are limits to travel. There are limits to what anyone can do with machines. You have not yet reached those limits, but they do exist. There are older races in your neighborhood who have reached those limits, and that is why they seek to use power in the mental environment and to develop this power both for their own defense and to take advantage of whatever opportunities may exist within their sphere of influence and within their local regions in space.

Ultimately, no one on the outside should know what is going on in your world, not even your allies or potential friends. They will respect this discretion. They will expect it, and they will understand it.

This will require a very different approach to how you live and to how you communicate. Certainly, broadcasting the way you do is entirely inappropriate. That is why your scientists who seek to listen to broadcasts in the universe will not hear very much because no advanced nation broadcasts in this way. Discreet information is sent. Discreet channels of communication are established and utilized heavily, but general broadcasting is not done for the very reasons that we are describing.

Therefore, the three requirements for freedom are all unmet by the human family at this time. You are not united and face the risk of greater division and conflict between your peoples and nations. You are rapidly destroying your self-sufficiency in your world. And you are hardly discreet, broadcasting your strengths and weaknesses to all who wish to view them.

These three areas then represent the primary focus for the advancement of humanity: the establishment of human unity and cooperation based upon necessity; the cessation of overuse of the world and the maintenance of its resources and all that that will require in terms of how people live and how people engage with one another in your world; and the development of discreet channels of communication—both through a deeper awareness and through technology.

These are the three great needs of humanity, not only for your own well-being and your future in this world, but also to give you the opportunity to build real freedom and unity in the Greater Community.  Any contribution that you can make as an individual and as part of the human family in this regard is vitally important in giving humanity a greater freedom and a greater promise for the future