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1. Why did the Allies of Humanity finally decide to make contact with Earth?

To explain why the Allies of Humanity have made contact with Earth, I must first speak of humanity’s overall position in the universe and the presence of an alien intervention in our world.

Humanity is now emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe. This is the greatest threshold in human history, signaling that our isolation in the universe is over and that contact has begun. Yet this contact is not a friendly visitation. It is an intervention into our world by predatory and invasive forces from the universe around us.

An Alien intervention is now underway. This intervention threatens the future and freedom of our world. Yet the human family is unaware and unprepared.

At the same time, the nations of our world are divided; we are embroiled in conflict and competition and are rapidly destroying our natural environment and the resources that we depend upon. Therefore we face the danger of collapse from within and subjugation from beyond. This is humanity’s predicament.

Seeing humanity’s predicament and the dangerous intervention now underway, an alliance of free races in our local universe sent a mission to Earth to provide a set of briefings regarding the Alien Intervention occurring in our world and humanity’s evolution and destiny in a larger universe of intelligent life. These free races call themselves the Allies of Humanity and they have provided three sets of briefings to a man named Marshall Vian Summers.

The Allies of Humanity Briefings have been given to provide a clear and direct assessment of our situation, revealing what we on Earth have not been able to see or understand without this greater perspective. These Briefings reveal in the clearest terms the different activities of the Intervention, which together constitute a grave violation of human rights and a major threat to international security.

The Briefings provide the steps we can take to strengthen human unity and bring an end to the Alien Intervention. Beyond this, the Briefings have been given to prepare humanity for its future and destiny within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

To read more about who the Allies of Humanity are and why they are here, see Who are the Allies of Humanity. To read more about the history of Intervention and past visitations to Earth, see A Brief History of Visitation to the Earth.

2. Are there many human beings aware of the existence of the Allies and therefore of the existence of less “philanthropist” visitors?

The Allies of Humanity Briefings provide an urgent message for the world, yet few have read the Briefings or are aware of the intervention. These Briefings will spark the level of awareness, education and action needed to stop the Intervention if enough people can hear this critical message.

At the same time, the Intervention is advancing an agenda of human pacification and acquiescence regarding Alien visitation, encouraging people to view Alien visitors as spiritually and morally enlightened beings here to provide salvation to a struggling humanity. Here people around the world are being influenced to believe that we are powerless in the face of current world environmental and social challenges and that human governments are too corrupt and incompetent to address these challenges.

Furthermore, the Intervention, while pretending to be benign and beneficial, is actively fueling certain armed conflicts in the world to further weaken and divide humanity all the while actively promoting the belief that Alien technology, leadership or spirituality is the only answer to the growing conflicts here on Earth.

The Intervention has many activists and apologists, and its message of spiritual upliftment through submission and acquiescence grows every day. The Allies Briefings are the true antidote to this dangerous and manipulative agenda.

3. Are these visitors about to completely dominate the planet?

The goal of the Intervention is to gain strategic control of the Earth and its resources without the use of force, using the human population and a proxy leadership on Earth to extract from our planet the immense biological riches which are so valued in a universe of barren worlds.

As a result, their goal is not to visibly dominate the planet, but rather to manipulate human perception and human leadership so as to secure this planet within their sphere of control and to quietly extract the resources of Earth.

The Intervention has been underway for decades now and is in an advanced stage of its agenda. The Allies of Humanity warn us that if we do not act to stop the Intervention, alerting and educating enough people and actively speaking out against its violations, that the Intervention’s mission will be complete in a matter of decades. After that point, it will be much harder to undo the destructive effects of the Alien agenda and regain human sovereignty in this world.

The Allies offer us great encouragement in the effort to stop the Intervention. Because the Intervention is operating in a state of secrecy, with limited human support and a low capacity to deal with challenge or criticism, it would only take vocal resistance by a small fraction of the human population to effectively end the Intervention.

Furthermore, the Allies Briefings reveal that invasion and intervention from one world to another is not permitted in our region of space and that without clear human support for the Intervention, greater political entities of trade and governance in our region of the universe will quickly put an end to the Intervention on Earth. At this time, our world is observed from afar by these governing bodies, who watch to see if the visitation occurring in our world constitutes illegal intervention, as evidenced by either humanity support or human resistance.

It is for this reason that the Intervention operates in secret, encouraging vocal human support and quieting human criticism. It is for this reason that physical resistance to the Intervention is not necessary. We need only bring awareness and education to more people for the Intervention to end. We need only speak out against the Intervention, its violations and its unwanted presence in our world and it will stop.

4. The presented views about the capturing of natural resources and the enslavement of human beings remind me of some words going against capitalism. Are the visitors controlling capitalism and its main institutions (WTO, etc)?

The intervention is attempting to influence leaders in positions of economic, political and religious power. Ultimately, the Intervention is attempting to gain access to the resources of our world and will rely upon the commercial, communication and transportation systems that humanity has created. In this sense, the capitalist system benefits their agenda.

However, the Intervention can also work through socialist, totalitarian and even theocratic regimes to further its agenda. Pitting such regimes against capitalist nations furthers their agenda of weakening and dividing the human family.

The Allies reveal that some individuals within governments and corporations are cooperating with the Intervention and that others are resisting it, either passively or actively. For those cooperating, the Intervention offers promises and enticements of technology, power and supremacy over other nations and groups. Here ambitious, greedy or power-seeking individuals and groups could hand over the keys to this world without the consent of the world community, all in exchange for empty promises or mere technological trinkets from space.

We do not know the degree of cooperation or resistance to the Intervention within political and commercial establishments. However, the Allies have revealed that the United States, given its position of military and political power in the world, is one of the top targets of influence and that the Intervention also has a significant presence in the developed nations of Europe, Russia and Japan. The Allies of Humanity state:

“The visitors have a significant presence within the most advanced nations in your world, particularly the nations of Europe, Russia, Japan and America. These are viewed as the strongest nations, having the greatest power and influence. It is there that the visitors will concentrate. However, they are taking people from all over the world, and they are furthering their Pacification Program with all those that they capture, if those individuals can be responsive to their influence. Therefore, the visitors’ presence is worldwide, but they are concentrating on those whom they hope will become their allies. These are the nations and governments and religious leaders who hold the greatest power and sway over human thought and conviction.”

The Allies of Humanity, Book 1

5. The Allies plead for a return to personal spirituality while criticizing the clergy and the submission of believers to the great religious authorities. Could you tell me more about that?

The Allies of Humanity call each of us to return to the power of “Knowledge,” which is our innate and indigenous ability to see, to know and to recognize beyond the limits of the mind. Knowledge is the deeper spiritual mind within each person and exists at the core of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions. This Knowledge is what guides and motivates the Allies in their mission to reach humanity. It is the universal mind in all sentient life.

In human cultures, this Knowledge has often been referred to as “the voice of conscience,” a gut feeling, or a premonition, intuition or foreknowing. It is this power of Knowledge that enables us to see the Intervention clearly despite our own preferences, prejudices or wishful thinking.

It will be Knowledge that enables the divided peoples and nations of the world to set aside their conflicts with one another and unite against the Intervention. Without Knowledge, the powerful motivations of human self-interest, differentiation and competition will override the intention to unite, even if it is for our collective survival. The Allies state that if enough people take the steps to cultivate the power of Knowledge in their lives, humanity will be able to overcome its internal divisions, unite in the face of a common threat and emerge into the Greater Community of intelligent life as a united and self-sufficient world.

The Allies of Humanity speak of Knowledge as our most important strength, a strength we are not using, a strength we must use to face the Intervention and the challenges of our future in a Greater Community of intelligent life. Furthermore, the Allies emphasize that Knowledge is the one part of our mind and body that cannot be manipulated or controlled by any outside force, even by the Intervention, whose power in these arenas is significant.

The religious traditions of our world all have Knowledge at their heart. However, they have become overlaid with belief, ritual and human commentary and are driving humanity into further division, competition and war at a time when humanity must overcome its divisions and unite in the face of Intervention. Here religion is becoming part of the problem, instead of part of the solution.

The Allies Briefings call upon the religions of the world to return to the core reality of Knowledge that is at their heart and source. If this can be done, religion will become a powerful force for unity and mental protection in the world, one which the Intervention cannot effectively thwart.

If this cannot be done, the Intervention will have a near limitless tool for human manipulation. Without Knowledge to guide and protect us, the Intervention will manipulate our religious beliefs and will amplify the competition between faiths to further tear apart the fabric of the human family.

At this time of Intervention in our world, the Allies call for more people to begin the preparation of Steps to Knowledge, which is available free online in 9 languages.

6. The Allies claim that Jesus will one day come back on Earth, but that he will be in fact a usurper. Could you elaborate on that?

The Intervention seeks to use the spiritual aspirations of humanity to advance its agenda in the world. To this end, the Intervention will send into the world individuals bearing the false identity of a spiritual teacher or leader long awaited by certain segments of the human population.

These individuals will advocate humanity’s acquiescence to the Intervention and will further amplify human superstition and the conflict between religions. This is a dangerous “second coming.” It will not be the coming of Jesus or any other prophet or saint, but instead the coming of a representative of the alien Intervention, an individual who is the product of the human-alien hybridization program, which is one of the darkest activities of the intervention.

This is a grave danger in the future. Many people could fall prey to the appearance of divine power exhibited by these newly-arrived religious and spiritual leaders, whose power in reality is a form of mental and emotional manipulation projected by the Intervention.

Here the Intervention is able to project into the minds of large numbers of people spiritual symbols and other seemingly religious or ecstatic thoughts and emotions associated with their faith. Without adequate awareness and education, millions of people could blindly pledge allegiance to these representatives of the Intervention and their message of acquiescence and submission to the salvation offered an extraterrestrial power.

7. Are our political leaders all controlled by extraterrestrials?

Certainly not. Many of our political leaders are unaware of the Intervention and are under no specific influence. Others are aware of the Intervention and are resisting it, and others are either aware or unaware but are under its direct influence.

In light of this, entire governments are not being completely controlled or manipulated, but rather individuals and groups within governments are being targeted and used by the Intervention.

Beyond the arena of politics, it is in the arenas of religion and commerce where the Alien Intervention’s influence and manipulation are greatest, affecting those with no elected office who can operate with minimal scrutiny by the public.

8. Does the hybridization principle imply that I can meet at any time a female visitor likely to want to breed with me to control more tightly humanity?

One of the darkest and most destructive activities of the Intervention is a human-alien hybridization program designed to create a new leadership for our world. The individuals produced by this hybridization program appear entirely human but are in fact wedded to the Intervention and its agenda, not only mentally but biologically as well.

The intervention is engaged in abducting individuals around the world to advance this program of interbreeding, using the biology and reproductive systems of those abducted towards the goal of creating through genetic manipulation human-alien individuals that look, talk and behave like any person but who have greater mental capabilities, enabling them to gain access to positions of power in both business and commerce. Because intelligence and personal charisma are greatly valued and rewarded in these arenas, there is little to stop these hybrid individuals from entering positions of power and influence.

These individuals are not many in number; therefore, it is unlikely that you would meet one. Yet the fact that this dark activity is underway underlines the urgent call for humanity to receive the Allies of Humanity Briefings and to speak out against the Intervention.

Regarding the hybridization program, the Allies of Humanity give the following warning:

“The interbreeding program is becoming very successful. Already there are those walking your Earth who are born of the visitors’ consciousness and collective endeavor. They cannot reside here for long periods of time, but within only a few years, they will be able to dwell upon the surface of your world permanently. Such will be the perfection of their genetic engineering that they will seem only slightly different from you, more in their manner and in their presence than in their physical appearance, to such a point that they will likely go unnoticed and unrecognized. However, they will have greater mental faculties. And this will give them an advantage that you could not match unless you were trained in The Ways of Insight.”

The Allies of Humanity Book 1, Third Briefing


The Allies of Humanity have provided an urgent message about the Extraterrestrial Intervention in our world. In order to stop the Intervention, they counsel us to do the following:

  • Learn about the Intervention, what it is, why it is here and what it is doing in our world. Read the Allies of Humanity Briefings.
  • Learn about the reality of life beyond our world and humanity’s destiny in a Greater Community of intelligent life. Read Life in the Universe and the other books of the New Message.
  • Develop your connection to Knowledge within you. Begin the Steps to Knowledge.
  • Raise awareness about the Intervention and its agenda in the world. Speak out against the Intervention. Alert and educate others.
  • Actively promote human unity and cooperation in the face of the Intervention. The world must unite against the Intervention. Read and share the Declaration of Human Sovereignty.