Seventh Briefing: Questions & Answers

We are pleased to be able to respond to these questions, for we know they are important in giving you a greater understanding. You will need this understanding now, for the world is changing and your future and destiny is before you. It is our privilege to share this greater wisdom with you. We can only hope that it can be comprehended correctly and applied correctly, for such things can be misconstrued and grave error can arise from them. Let us begin now.

“How are you different from those forces who are intervening in the world today?”

We represent those free races in your region of space who still value individual freedom and who have stayed out of the larger networks of trade and commerce conducted by nations that, though powerful, do not honor individual freedom and do not recognize the power of Knowledge in the individual as a blessing and as a great resource.

We come here not to intervene but to share our wisdom and perspective that humanity will need now to proceed with greater certainty and greater strength and understanding in its engagement with life in the universe. You cannot give yourself this education. It cannot be taught in your universities or centers of learning. Therefore, it must be given to you by others who value your presence in the universe and do not want to see you fall under the persuasion and domination of foreign powers.

Therefore, our intent is entirely different from that of the Intervention. Our societies are entirely different. Our focus and our wisdom are entirely different. If you can understand that humanity must unite itself and gather its own strength and wisdom without foreign control, then you will understand why we are not intervening in the world, but instead only offering our wisdom, perspective and guidance for you to use or not to use, as you so choose.

“What does the Intervention want here on Earth?”

The Intervention seeks to control this world and the world’s peoples. It does this not only to meet its own goals of wealth and resource acquisition, but to serve larger powers who secretly will use the Intervention to gain control of the world. These larger powers would not dare to enter the world as the Intervention is doing now, but they will use these more unscrupulous forces to achieve their own goals of influence and acquisition.

The Intervention wants a compliant humanity. It does not want a rebellious humanity, for it could not manage that. The Intervention wants humanity to work agreeably—believing in its goals, principles and promises. These, of course, are false and deceiving, and it would be the gravest of errors if humanity were to follow these mandates.

Therefore, understand that you now have competition from the universe—competition for the value and the resources of this world, its strategic position and those things that are secretly hidden here beyond human awareness, which are of immense value to those races in the universe who are aware of them.

From this point forward, you will have to defend your world from intervention and from persuasion, which can be very powerful and very influential. These powers have been exerted in our worlds to the great detriment of our peoples, and we had to fight and struggle to regain our freedom and to ward off these influences and to keep them out of our districts. It is the price in the universe where freedom is rare.

Freedom requires vigilance. Freedom requires great care and great discernment. Humanity must develop these skills and these qualities if it is to survive in a diverse and influential universe, if it is to remain free and self-determined amidst the presence of other powerful forces.

“Are any of the visitors beneficial to humanity?”

No one who is visiting your world now or in recent times is beneficial to humanity. They all represent competing forces vying for power and influence here. They are all part of the Intervention, which is made up of more than one race. If you could understand your situation more thoroughly, then you would recognize that intervention in any form is detrimental to humanity and that such intervention is being carried out for self-interest to gain control and to gain domination.

No true ally of humanity would be in the world trying to manipulate human awareness, trying to control human behavior, trying to steer human destiny to its own ends.

Therefore, you are facing an unequivocal situation. You do not have the burden of trying to tell friend from foe amongst those who are intervening in the world. That would be very difficult for you to do, given the powers of persuasion that are being placed upon humanity at this time.

You have the benefit of facing a clear and unequivocal situation. Those who are visiting your world are here to manipulate and to deceive. They feel that their goals are correct and that they more than you could rule humanity beneficially. But that is according to their values, which does not esteem in any way individual freedom, nor does it value the greater qualities of the human nature and the achievements of humanity.

“Will anyone from space come to save humanity?”

No one will come to save humanity, and those who claim to be here for this purpose represent the Intervention itself. If humanity is ever to become strong and self-determined in the universe, it must save itself. What it needs from other races in the universe is the kind of wisdom and guidance we are providing through these sets of Briefings. This is what any other society in the universe who cares about humanity’s future and freedom could give in a world where a divided humanity is struggling with itself, despoiling its world and undermining the three basic achievements that are necessary for freedom: unity, self-sufficiency and discretion.

Do not think that others will come here to save humanity, for they will come here to save the world for themselves, and humanity will be but a resource they will use to achieve their own goals. Do not be foolish and naïve. Do not think that other races would expend the energy and invest themselves to such a great degree just to assure your freedom, for such an investment must be for their own purposes. This requires careful thought and consideration on your part, a very sober approach and a greater objectivity.

“If conquest is not allowed in this region of space, how can an Intervention occur and be successful?”

Conquest is not allowed in this region of space, so other means are sought through inducements, through the offering of gifts of technology and through persuading a native race that it alone cannot govern itself or assure its own future. It is these same persuasions that humanity places upon itself through its commercial and political persuasions.

Humanity has a greater destiny and a greater potential. Humanity can establish a sustainable use of this world. It can establish this security and stability, but it will have to proceed very differently than it is proceeding now. Otherwise, it will think that others will come to give it gifts, to uplift its science and technology, to show it how to live in peace.

But this is where you are vulnerable and fall easily under foreign persuasion. For such a peace does not exist amongst those who are intervening in the world. And there is no free energy in the universe that is truly free.

They will come to exploit you and to take advantage of your expectations and your naiveté. Therefore, you must be very wary here and very cautious. It is these powers of persuasion and powers of influence in the mental environment that will have such a great impact upon human thinking, human expectations and human emotions.

Here you either make yourself available to such persuasion, or you recognize you must resist it. Here humanity’s approach will make all the difference, for truly a small non-military force could gain ascendancy in the world without the use of force. It could do this through the power of persuasion and by offering the native people things that they think they want. This is how native peoples have been seduced throughout human history by other intervening powers. Now you are facing intervening forces from the universe, whose persuasion is much more sophisticated and much more powerful. If you are in their proximity, they can control your thinking, your feelings and your perception. This is the power they have of influence in the mental environment.

You can withstand this power because of the presence of Knowledge within yourself, the Knowledge that the Creator of all life has placed within you. For it cannot be persuaded. It cannot be deceived. And it cannot be corrupted. You will need to gain access to this greater Knowledge if you are to remain free and to develop wisdom and maturity in the Greater Community.

“What role, if any, do our governments play in assisting the activities of the Intervention?”

Some governments have assisted the Intervention, only to find it is working against them, and that it is deceptive and untrustworthy. Major governments in the world today have had contact in the past and have made certain agreements to allow the Intervention to function here in exchange for certain kinds of technology. But this has given license to a very dangerous intrusion into the human world and into human societies. Its influence is considerable and is directed to those individuals who are deemed to be the most compliant and the most easily persuaded.

But in recent times, there has been a shift to influence those in positions of leadership in commerce, for they are not accountable to the public. They are unelected and go largely unrecognized by the human population. They garner tremendous wealth, and they do not claim to have great scruples, such as your elected officials might proclaim. They can operate in secrecy, with very little accountability to anyone.

There has been a change, therefore, in the Intervention’s emphasis to move towards individuals in positions of leadership in commerce, particularly regarding resource acquisition and distribution. For these individuals hold great power in these arenas and are far more easily persuaded. Your people know not of what is occurring in your midst.

“Are any of the world’s governments resisting the Intervention?”

Yes, the United States and Russia are resisting the Intervention. That is one of the reasons they have ceased their competition that was so destructive over many decades. They are more cooperative now, for they realize they need one another to be successful in offsetting the impacts and the persuasion that is being cast upon humanity.

There are smaller governments assisting now, but primarily it is these two greater powers that hold such great military strength and persuasion in the world. It is they who had fallen under alien deception, and it is they who have now turned against the Intervention. That is why our contact on Earth, Marshall Vian Summers, can receive this information and can receive our Briefings and counsel without fear of government suppression.

He is being watched, we are sure, though we cannot tell to what extent. He is providing a service not only to the peoples of the world, but also to those governments who are aware of the Intervention and who are now opposing its presence and its activities in the world.

“Human scientists say that no one can travel faster than the speed of light. Therefore, how is it possible that the Intervention can come here or even that you could come here?”

This premise is certainly one that limits human understanding. If you could not travel faster than these speeds, you could not travel in space at all, and that perhaps is the assumption of many who still think that this is a barrier that cannot be surpassed.

Even before there were any human civilizations in the world, space travel was underway to a very large and sophisticated extent. You can travel faster than the speed of light and counteract its effect on time and aging, and this has been practiced far longer than any human civilization.

But travel is not as fast as you might think or imagine. It still takes time to travel between solar systems—sometimes, in your estimation and time frame, days and weeks or even months, depending on the distance one has to traverse. This, of course, would be astoundingly fast according to your notion, but you are still crawling along at a slow pace while other nations have been engaged in commerce, trade and travel for hundreds of thousands of your years, even in your region of space.

You do not live in some newly developed part of the universe. There has been a long history in this region, longer even than we can account for—a history of early war, conquest and conflict. This has been surpassed by a greater unity, a great network of trade and a great network of control—which has suppressed war and conflict, but which has also suppressed freedom and self-determination amongst its participating nations.

Therefore, you must consider that this barrier, called the speed of light, is something that humanity, in some distant future, will be able to overcome. Even on its own it will find a way to do this. But surely it cannot hold to such a limit as being defining. For we have come to be near the Earth, and now we are far away from the Earth, and the Intervention has come to intervene in the world, which it is doing now ever so greatly with each passing year. Trade and commerce is going on in many regions inside the galaxy, and we may only assume in other galaxies as well. So never think that technology in the universe is limited by human understanding or accomplishment.

“When will humanity be able to travel outside this solar system?”

Your travel outside this solar system may be possible within the next two centuries, but we say “may be possible” because you will have to face the great environmental change that is occurring in your world, which has the power to undermine human civilization. And you also have to face the consequences of intervention in your world, which could usurp human authority here and place humanity under foreign control and domination. Either of these two events could alter the course of human destiny thoroughly, could stifle and control humanity’s accomplishments and its destiny as a free and self-determined peoples in the universe.

Therefore, there are great dangers facing you now, and that is why our Briefings are so important and why we have been called by greater Spiritual Powers to come to the Earth to deliver our messages to a worthy world and a worthy people.

“You speak of individual freedom being rare in the universe. Why is this so?”

Freedom is difficult to cultivate. It can be unruly and disorganized. It can lead to dangerous individual assertions. It can have disastrous consequences if it is not governed wisely and conscientiously. It is far easier for nations to exert control and to establish authority over their peoples and societies. That is why most nations choose this easier and more expedient path, even though it leads to a far less productive and creative outcome.

Freedom is difficult to cultivate even on an individual level. It requires responsibility. It requires awareness. It requires wise governance and counsel. It requires a wise leadership and a willing and educated population. These things are all very challenging to establish, and that is why many nations choose the alternative route to stability.

We believe, however, that the path of individual freedom leads to a stronger nation and to greater creativity and accomplishments amongst its citizens for the benefit of all. We believe that repressive societies, though they may be common in the universe, do not have this creativity and cannot benefit from the wisdom and the greater purpose that each person carries. Thus, their achievements are limited, and they tend to copy one another, for they are not creative. New technology, new wisdom and new ways of creative social governance are not established in these nations. They are conservative, and they resist progressive thinking and progressive accomplishments.

Here humanity must see that it has one of two pathways to follow in establishing greater security and stability in the world. It will either create a repressive regime that will enforce order and stifle the creativity and freedom of individuals. Or it will choose the more difficult path of establishing a freer, more creative and more productive society.

It is our hope and wish that humanity will choose the path of freedom and build the freedom that it has already established in many parts of the world. It has, of course, a long way to go in doing this, and it is not an easy task. But now with the prospect of diminishing resources in the world and the presence of intervening, manipulative forces, humanity faces a great challenge in this regard.

You can never take your freedom for granted in the universe. Freedom is a privilege and not merely a right. It must be built with strength and wisdom, and it must be protected with vigilance, always.

“If you were caught by the Intervention, what would happen to you and would there be consequences for your own worlds?”

If we were to be caught by the intervening forces, we would be tortured and exposed to cruel punishment to extract from us any information that we might have. Our home worlds would be discerned, and great external pressure would be brought to bear upon the leaders of our nations regarding our presence and influence here in the world. For our worlds have established agreements of non-interference in regions outside of our own, and this is what gives us our autonomy, an autonomy that is always fragile and under scrutiny for the possibility of revision.

According to our agreements, we are not allowed to be in the vicinity of your world giving such counsel, even if we are not directly intervening. But we are nearby, and our purpose is noble and worthy and guided by a greater Source. So certainly we would be tortured and destroyed, those of us who are gathered for this purpose. And our worlds would come under greater scrutiny and tremendous pressure, and our contracts guaranteeing our autonomy would be threatened and challenged.

This would be grave for our leadership. Therefore, we act with the greatest secrecy. That is why we do not describe our appearance. That is why we do not give our names, describe our worlds or tell you where our worlds reside. It is of the utmost importance to us that these things remain secret. We have not even revealed them to our contact here on Earth. Nor would we do so. For any human mind can be interfered with, and its understanding can be extracted by those intervening forces in the world now.

Therefore, you must understand the importance of discretion. That is why it is one of the three requirements for establishing and maintaining freedom in the universe: unity, self-sufficiency and discretion. You are only at the beginning of learning about the power of the mental environment. You are only beginning to learn how other races can gain access to human wisdom and understanding. You are only beginning to realize how much your freedom will have to be guarded and protected if it is to be sustained in a universe where freedom is rare.

“The Briefings state that the Intervention is promoting human conflict. How does it do this? Can you give us an example of what you have seen so far?”

You have but to promote religious extremism and nationalism and to convince the leaders and persuasive individuals that other peoples represent their enemy and a threat. You have only to project the images of spiritual saints and emissaries proclaiming the need to overcome adversaries. This is how the Intervention can promote conflict in the world. The United States’ engagement and its war in the nation of Iraq is a very good example of leaders being persuaded to do something that is utterly foolish, to engage in an intractable conflict with no certain outcome, committing so much of its resources, even risking world opinion to engage in this manner. Other nations, particularly nations that are powerful and influential, will be engaged in this way through persuasion by the Intervention—to diminish their power, to diminish their influence, to diminish the morale of their own peoples and to diminish their economies. For the Intervention needs humanity to decline in order to present itself as truly beneficial to human destiny.

Therefore, the Intervention will seek to weaken the strongest powers to degrade their influence in the world and to create an overall situation where the Intervention will be deemed truly valuable, and its counsel and its guidance will be attended to and followed.

“You also indicate that the Intervention is pacifying people. How can it pacify people and yet promote human conflict?”

The Intervention is pacifying certain populations—the young people, the educated, those who are spiritually inclined, those who could not be encouraged to wage war or conflict against others. Those who could be the greatest emissaries for the Intervention will be pacified and directed. They will believe in the new leadership. They will believe that the Intervention is here to save a struggling and declining humanity.

Those who cannot be pacified can be encouraged to engage in their ancient animosities and their distrust of their neighbors, and to fortify their resistance and hostility towards their historic enemies. Lands can be contested. Resources will be contested increasingly. Even within nations, there will be groups who will arise, who will seek to destabilize and overtake those nations. Many groups will be governed by religious ideology, governed not only by the defaults of human nature, but also by the influence and guidance exerted by the Intervention itself.

“Is the Intervention manipulating food production or any other industries here on Earth?”

The Intervention does not need to manipulate food production, as it is declining as a result of humanity’s impact on your own environment. Other industries, such as the military industries—industries that supply and support military efforts and military adventures—these are certainly being encouraged. There are forces encouraging human conflict. This represents the impact of the Intervention. While there is an incentive for peace, there is also an incentive for conquest. That is why many nations are building their military capacity. At least they were when we were last in the vicinity of your world, and we must assume that this is continuing.

This is not only the result of human mistrust and human fear. It also represents the impact of the Intervention. The Intervention is not threatened by your weapons. Only nuclear power and nuclear weapons threaten its existence here. And these things cannot be used without great consequence to the welfare and to the future of humanity.

The Intervention is using power in the mental environment—the powers of persuasion, powers which humanity is only beginning to discern and to understand. Humanity still thinks that military power will determine its fate and its future, but in a universe of greater skill and greater influence, this will not prove to be effective. This represents a new threshold of learning and accomplishment for the human family.

“Can you reveal where the Intervention bases on Earth are so that we can shut them down?”

We do not have full knowledge of this. Certainly, the first bases were established in the oceans and shallow waters, away from the presence of human military forces—in the Arctic regions and in areas where there is no military establishment. Bases underground, which are far more difficult to establish, have been built in mountain regions. Transmitters have been established in mountain regions, which have cities at their base—transmitters to affect the mental environment and pacify the public. This represents one of the efforts of the Intervention.

We do not know where all of these transmitters have been placed, but we do know they are being used. We do not know where all the bases have been established, particularly on land. We were never near enough to the surface of the Earth to be able to witness these things ourselves and can only understand their existence by deciphering the transmissions of the Intervention. Yet it is enough for you to know that such bases exist here and that there is a significant alien presence in the world. It is not a military presence. It represents the skillful use of commercial forces by those who have gained power and influence in the mental environment.

You will have to change your understanding of the use of power to realize how strong an influence this is and how much more effective it is towards establishing your goals and priorities than the exertion of military power. The exertion of military power is restrained in your world, and it is greatly suppressed in this part of the galaxy.

“If the Intervention is overcome, what should humanity do with all the individuals who are a result of the hybridization program?”

If the Intervention can be overcome, you will face future interventions. But regarding the presence of such individuals, you will have to reincorporate them into the human society, and that will require a great investment of time and energy. These individuals will actually be able to be beneficial participants in society, but their understanding and the influences upon them will have to change remarkably.

Some could become wise seers. But it is their allegiance to humanity that will have to be fully established, and they will have to learn to shield themselves from the effects of the Intervention, which can influence them even if the Intervention is not present in the world. For in space, influence in the mental environment can accrue over vast distances. Once influence has been established, this can take place.

This will be a challenge. These individuals can become beneficial to humanity if their allegiance can be placed here and if persuasions upon them can be minimized or eliminated.

“Inter-dimensional travel seems to be the fastest way to get around in space. Why is it not being used?”

Inter-dimensional travel, though greatly promising, has proven to be disastrous, for you cannot control your reentry, and even if you could find one of the portals, which are constantly in motion, you would not be able to ascertain where you would emerge—into what kind of physical environment or physical condition you would find yourself. That is why so many craft that have attempted this transference have never returned.

The portals remain a mystery. Inter-dimensional travel remains a hypothesis. We know that certain races have been able to bridge the gulf between dimensions. They have been able to communicate from the other dimension, but they were not able to return, and contact with them was short lived, leading to an uncertain outcome.

Humanity hopes and believes that such things will be available to it so that it can travel anywhere it wants, to move across the galaxy in an instant, to emerge in any environment. But the reality of the Greater Community will change these notions, will temper your ambitions and will show you a very different reality than the one that you imagine for yourself.

Even if you could emerge through such travel, you would end up in the vicinity of foreign worlds with whom you do not have relations or in physical environments that are entirely hazardous. You would have no way of charting a corridor route there unless you had allies existing in that region. And such alliances would be very difficult to establish, for no race wants to be intruded upon by races from afar in this manner. This would be a challenge to their security and to their network of local trade. They would be greatly threatened by the appearance of a foreign race with whom they had no history or relations.

You have but to think of these things more carefully, more objectively, to see and to understand what we are conveying to you. This requires a serious consideration. Otherwise, you will continue to indulge in fantasies of high technology and instantaneous space travel. But you will have to face a very different reality as you emerge into a Greater Community of life.

“Many people here on Earth would love to travel to other worlds and meet other races there, yet you indicate that this would be very limited. Why is this the case?”

Most nations do not welcome visitation unless it is from those who are its longstanding trading partners, and even here visitation will be limited, for societies do not want to be influenced by other societies. Certainly any free nation would not be welcome to visit a nation that is not free.

Then there is the problem of biological contamination. We can think of no world where humanity would be welcome at all given the biological reality of your world and the tremendous threat it could impose upon a foreign world. They are not prepared to deal with the innumerable biological agents and influences that exist here, and to receive an emissary from Earth would be a very challenging prospect for them.

If they were not a free society, they would not be interested in your individual expressions. They would be threatened by your music and your art. They would not want these influences to be exerted upon their cultures. They would not want their own populations to witness you or to understand you, for in this, you would be a great threat to them and to all they have invested in establishing their highly controlled societies.

You would not be able to reach other nations because you would have to cross territories owned by others. You would have to use trade routes governed by trading authorities. You would have to make agreements and compromises. You would have to come to terms with many other powers just to travel freely in this region of space. If you traveled outside these established routes, you would always face the danger of piracy. You would also face the danger of becoming lost.

Even amongst our worlds, we would not welcome human visitation at this time, for you are not yet wise enough, united enough or discerning enough for us to establish active relations with you. That is why no one should be intervening in the world. No one should be attempting to establish relations with the human family, and those that do are here for their own purposes, to establish their own quest for power and domination.

You, who are naïve and do not understand the realities of life and travel in the universe, have yet to see these things clearly. But if you think carefully about this, you will understand. There are nations even within your own world that you could not visit freely at this moment because they are not free, because they would not welcome your influence and your presence in their midst. Though such nations are few, their examples serve to illustrate what we are saying.

The universe is far more diverse, and its societies are far more different from one another than anything you have established here on Earth. Races are far more different from each other. And trust in relations can take a very long time to establish and is always maintained with great scrutiny and care. This represents the reality that you will face as you emerge into this larger arena of life.

“It appears very likely that we will run out of at least some of our essential resources in the near future. How can human civilization continue if we do not receive technology and assistance from our neighbors in space?”

If you seek to gain technology and assistance, you will be drawn into the persuasions, requirements and the commercial trade networks of other nations. They will limit your freedom. They will limit what you can do here on Earth. They will influence the kind of societies you will create in the future and will greatly limit the freedom allowed your citizens. You would give up so much for this technology and assistance. You do not yet realize what a great loss this would be and how much humanity would lose in the exchange.

You have enough here on Earth if humanity will govern itself wisely and if nations will cooperate sufficiently to preserve the resources of the world and to use them in a sustainable manner. You will need to build new technology, but even more than technology, you will need the will and the cooperation to do this.

Over time, humanity will have to find beneficial and humane ways of limiting its population and limiting its consumption. It would be a very different world than the world you live in today, which is based upon the desire and the expectation of endless growth and expansion.

To be self-sufficient is one of the requirements for freedom. For humanity to be self-sufficient in this world would require a very different creation of society and a very different set of priorities for your leaders and your citizens.

What will bring about this great change but necessity itself? You are facing great change in the world—great environmental change, great change that all advancing technological societies have had to face or will have to face inevitably in their evolution. It is how you recognize and prepare for this, how you respond to this and what kind of society you build, whether it be free or repressive, that will determine the future of human existence in this world.

“Are there many worlds such as ours in space?”

There are many worlds that have been stripped of their natural resources and have become barren as a result. Certainly, terrestrial worlds such as yours are rare, maybe one out of five or six thousand planets contain the biological diversity that you enjoy and take for granted here in your world. That still accounts for many planets in the universe. But such planets are always occupied, are always valued and the native races always have to defend their rights, their privileges and their stewardship as they begin to emerge into the Greater Community.

Terrestrial planets create biological hazards for visitors. And that is why colonization is usually attempted once the native race has either established a usable network that the visitors can use, such as is the case here on Earth, or have destroyed themselves through conflict and war, leaving an open door for intervention to occur, even military intervention. Military intervention is allowed in this region of space under such conditions. This represents part of the ethics of contact that are assumed and are practiced by many nations in this part of the Greater Community.

“Many people conclude that the visitors are beneficial because they haven’t already attacked us and taken over. What would you say to this?”

The Intervention is not here to attack humanity but to persuade humanity. The Intervention needs a compliant humanity to work for it and to engage with it to become part of its Collective. This assumption that humanity would be attacked and overtaken is entirely wrong. It is how you view gaining access to new lands and new resources.

But even in your modern world, economic, more than military, forces are used to gain acquisition to resources, and this is what is happening to the world regarding its relations in space. You are encountering small, economic Collectives who are here to begin the process of acquisition that larger nations can assume later on, if the Intervention is successful in establishing its presence and its power in your world.

To think that you would be attacked is wrong, and to think that because you have not been attacked that the forces that are here are beneficial is wrong. Both are based upon false assumptions. Therefore, the conclusions are incorrect.

Humanity, living so long in isolation and being so warlike yourselves, is certainly likely to make such assumptions and to continue to believe in them and to uphold them. It is human ignorance that gives rise to such things, and human arrogance as well. For you may be preeminent in your own world, but you have no preeminence in the Greater Community, and you are not looked upon favorably by your nearest neighbors because of your warlike tendencies and destructive use of your environment.

Those neighbors who are not free will look upon the freedoms that you have cultivated thus far with great anxiety and with great concern, not wanting these influences to be exerted within their own worlds. You have no idea what your music and your dance could evoke in such worlds and why they are viewed as a threat to those controlling powers that dominate them.

“How do free races maintain their autonomy and keep races that are not free from interfering?”

Ah, this is the challenge! This is the challenge that awaits you if you are able to offset the Intervention that is occurring in the world today. The interest in your world will not cease, and attempts to influence you will continue. How would you keep such influences at bay? For free races living in larger neighborhoods of worlds that are not free, often this requires the signing of non-interference contracts, which stipulate generally that the free nations will not participate beyond their boundaries and areas or regions of influence. They will not try to exert or promote their freedom abroad. In exchange for this, other nations agree to stay out of their areas of influence and to not contact them directly.

So various kinds of contracts like this are often made in highly inhabited regions of space, but such contracts are subject to change and reevaluation, and that is why the free nations do not travel beyond their districts or seek to promote freedom abroad. For that would violate their own autonomy and their own insulation from the Greater Community itself.

In areas where there is not a large concentration of nations, free nations will have to maintain their security through military means, aggressively challenging anyone who would come into their vicinity. This is less desirable, of course, but in sparsely populated regions in uncharted territories, this is definitely required. Everyone in the universe is looking for resources. Many in the universe want to have influence over other nations. Even in largely inhabited regions such as this, these desires and these needs continue.

Therefore, it is a tenuous balance that a free nation or a group of free nations must establish in order to keep the Greater Community out of their territories and to prevent the kind of intervention that is occurring in the world today.

Humanity still thinks the universe is a great empty place awaiting exploration, awaiting colonization, with infinite resources there for the taking, if only humanity can establish a sufficient technology to gain access to them. Yet these assumptions all stem from your isolation and your profound ignorance about the nature of life, commerce and interactions in the Greater Community.

We understand this, and we do not condemn you for it, for we too had many of the same assumptions before contact with the Greater Community began for us, before intervention was attempted in our worlds. Since then, we have established greater autonomy, but it must be guarded carefully, both in the physical environment and in the mental environment.

Other nations employ seers who try to see into our worlds, to see what kind of technology we are producing and to see where our power and our weakness reside. We must offset these intrusions in the mental environment with seers of our own, who are guided by Knowledge, who would obstruct this kind of intervention in the mental environment.

This is all a new frontier to you and to human science and to human religion. Power in the mental environment in many ways can be equivalent to power in the physical environment, and the dangers and defenses that must be established here are significant. This is the price of freedom in the universe—constant vigilance, constant care and great responsibility.

“You keep mentioning that Knowledge is the most powerful force in the universe. How can that be true when there are so many other powerful forces to deal with?”

Knowledge represents the power to see, to know and to act with certainty. It also represents the power to resist persuasion, deception and influence in the mental environment. The individual or the nation that has this strength has the power to resist intervention and to comprehend the intentions and the activities of other nations who might be threatening to its freedom or existence.

It is the ultimate form of intelligence, you see, and seers who are guided by Knowledge are more powerful than seers who are not. Here you are able to discern the future and future events before they happen, with varying degrees of accuracy. Here you are able to discern the intentions of others and the capabilities of others without the use of technology. Here you can pretend to be weak when in fact you are really strong. Here you can appear to be non-aggressive when in fact you can be incisive in your inquiries. Here you can be well protected and well defended without requiring a great military force or infrastructure. Here you can make wise decisions regarding your relations with other nations even if their intentions are questionable or uncertain. Here you can engage in diplomacy with other nations with far more certainty than you would have otherwise.

It is this power and this Knowledge that humanity will need if it is to gain the strength and commitment to establish greater unity amongst its nations and the wise and sustaining use of the world. This will overcome greed and avarice. This will overcome competition, conflict and war. This will overcome grievance and hatred and inequality.

That is why Knowledge is the greatest power in the universe. It is a power that the Intervention is not using, or it would not be here engaged in the activities it is undertaking. This is the power that will give humanity the power to offset intervention and to prevent future interventions. This is the power to give humanity the stability to establish a new world with far greater equanimity and equality, justice and freedom.

Think upon these things.