Fifth Briefing: The Great Coordination

We are aware that a great Revelation is being sent to the world. Though we have not been given this Revelation ourselves, we are connected to it. It is because God has asked us to do this through the Networks of the Wise, to take this promising world of yours and give it wisdom, encouragement, strength and purpose that it must have now to overcome its tendencies and to prepare for its challenging future.As we were aided in gaining our freedom in our own worlds, at different times and different situations, it is incumbent upon us to aid you in a similar manner, for this is one of the ways that wisdom and strength are shared in the universe. It is a long lineage. We know not of its ancient history, yet we are part of its expression.

Our coming to you with these Briefings is connected to this Revelation for the world. So fortunate you are to have a Revelation from God for the world. There are so few worlds in the universe where this could ever take place in any kind of public way. In a free nation, it is possible and does occur, but it is still very rare.

We do not know of all that this Revelation will speak of, but we do know that it is part of your preparation for the things that we speak of. We know that it is a gift of strength and empowerment for humanity.

Yet we are called to bear witness to the realities of life in the universe and the meaning of the things that we speak of here, things of the utmost importance to you and to your future. It is all part of a Greater Coordination to bring to humanity this great promise and great assistance.

We are far from your world now, so we cannot witness what is occurring. Yet we are still part of this Greater Coordination. This is what we are committed to in our small group, those of us who still remain.

We understand that there is a Messenger for this great Revelation, and it is to this Messenger we were directed to send the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity. Our contact with him was made possible by the Higher Powers, contact made in such a way that it could not be interfered with or traced by any technological means.

It is part of the way the Divine works in the universe to foster wisdom, freedom and Knowledge wherever that is possible and to whatever extent it is possible. We can only pray, in the way that we pray, that this great Revelation may meet and reach enough people in your world to have its full benefit and impact.

We know that freedom is not a right in the universe. It is a rare and precious thing. It must be established and secured with the greatest determination.

This fulfills our task, which is to speak of these things that we speak of and to bring you Wisdom and Knowledge from the universe that we have had to learn through great trial and great necessity.

We understand this will be very confusing to many people, all these things we speak of here now. And we did not speak of the Revelation from God before because we felt it would be too much for people to try to comprehend, along with everything we are charged with expressing, the wisdom we are charged to give to you.

But now that we are far away, we can speak of other matters. It is necessary that we be a witness to this, to this Revelation from the Divine that you are so fortunate to have in your midst. If only you could see how fortunate you are, given what freedom you have today, which has been the product of so much human giving and sacrifice already. If you could understand how rare an event this is, your gratitude would be overflowing, and you would understand its great importance.

We must again speak of the reality of freedom from where we stand and what we know, for we are asked to bear witness to these things from our experience, not merely from our ideology or the way that we think of these things. We know that freedom is not a right in the universe. It is a rare and precious thing. It must be established and secured with the greatest determination.

Greater power, greater strength and its demonstrations must be hidden if you seek to have the opportunity for freedom and self-determination.

We have earned the freedom to serve in this way, to be able to serve another race in this way—in a way that the people of your world can hear, that it can be made available as testimony. How rare this is indeed.

We have been assisted in this way once we were able to secure our freedom in our nations, for the Greater Powers have been able to serve us directly. For the development of freedom and the stability of freedom is an ongoing challenge that requires great maturity, wisdom and restraint. Though we are not enlightened societies as you would think of them perhaps, we are free enough to have this opportunity and to be served in this way.

But humanity does not yet have this freedom, even at present, for a new Revelation for your world will be greatly resisted and contested. It is the evolution of your race as a whole that makes this so.

Yet as you stand at the threshold of life in the universe, you could not have a greater advantage or a greater strength being given to you. For as we have said repeatedly, no race will come and establish freedom for you. No race will come and elevate your technology for you. No race will come and manage your world for you. Not for you. This is the truth that must be recognized, or you will not understand what you are facing.

Your task is to secure the freedom of your people and your world, to keep Knowledge alive in your world, to keep wisdom alive in your world, where it will always seem to be under threat and attacked by others who want to use everything for personal power and benefit.

It is so rare that one race can serve another in the ways that we are doing here, for usually the avenues of support are very secretive, very subtle, beyond the surveillance of governments. It is a very precious thing that we speak of.

Regarding free societies, there is something else we must tell you. The free societies recognize the limits of beneficial technology. Should you take technology too far, beyond your basic needs, beyond the basic benefits to your society, you draw other powers to you. Your insulation in the universe begins to diminish. Now you are left with powers that are very difficult to conceal.

For even though our races are free in the ways that we have spoken of, there are still other eyes watching us at all times. Should we demonstrate any extraordinary abilities or extraordinary technology, it will invite greater and greater scrutiny and persuasion. Others will seek to gain it from us by whatever means, short of outright conquest. That is why the powers we might have must be expressed very subtly, even kept out of the public view amongst the Wise who guide our worlds.

This is the truth of life in the universe that greater power, greater strength and its demonstrations must be hidden if you seek to have the opportunity for freedom and self-determination.

There are seers in other nations who try to see into our affairs, who try to discern what we are doing, what we have, our strengths and our weaknesses. We can only counteract this to a certain degree. For once the eyes of the universe are set upon you, they will continue to watch. Either through technological means or by more subtle means, this would be the case.

So the Wise that govern our worlds do not share all the things they know with the public, for the public is not strong enough to maintain this with discretion. That is too much to ask of a whole race. You who think freedom is the freedom to know everything have no idea what you are thinking or the meaning of this amongst the presence of greater forces.

Therefore, understand that beyond meeting the real authentic needs of a race, technology should not go any further. It gives you powers you cannot use and must hide. It opens discernment from the outside and invites intervention and manipulation and ever-greater scrutiny. Therefore, do not think that endlessly developing technology is a worthy and noble pursuit. It is only beneficial in certain ways, to a certain point. Beyond this, it creates danger and hazard.

Should you have a power of insight or a power of technology that other nations do not have, they will seek it from you. This is why the Wise must remain hidden, a great and enduring truth in the universe.

With power comes this responsibility, this discretion, this discernment, this caution, this being very careful with one’s mind and action and thought in light of their impact upon others and what they may invite from the outside. We in our group were all students of this great Teaching, which you now have an opportunity to learn out of sheer necessity.

Our free nations must be preoccupied with stability and security, for free nations do not co-exist well with large nations that are not free, larger nations that are more powerful technologically and militarily. We must guard not only our borders but our thoughts. This is the burden of the Wise in all places.

We understand that the New Revelation for the world can teach people these things and give this to the human family. If this is true, then that is a very great sign.

It is possible that there may be those amongst you who become truly wise with this. Your task is to secure the freedom of your people and your world, to keep Knowledge alive in your world, to keep wisdom alive in your world, where it will always seem to be under threat and attacked by others who want to use everything for personal power and benefit. It is a truth in your world as much as it is a truth in the Greater Community. Everything we are telling you here today is a truth in your world, for it is a truth everywhere. It is a truth in the realm of Separation.

We bring with this great and sober teaching encouragement, for the human family has great potential. The awareness of the Divine, and the power of Knowledge in the individual, has not been obliterated in your world. It has not been forgotten. It is still valued by many, and in some parts of your world, it is still practiced by many. This is a great sign in the universe, where very few advancing races have this kind of potential.

We know that Knowledge within you can respond to these things and resonate because it is a greater realm of truth, because within your life you were meant to be part of the Greater Coordination as well. Though it seems like a distant possibility to you now, perhaps, it is foundational to who you are and why you are in the world at this time, for it alone holds the strength and the vision and the resonance that can enable you to respond and to perceive your situation correctly and beneficially. It will call you out of an ordinary and disappointing life into a far greater realm of service and meaning, as it has done for us.

We cannot yet return to our home worlds until our mission is complete. It has taken many years for this to take place, even so far. There have been many challenges and setbacks. We have lost members of our group. We have had to escape to distant and safe havens. For the Intervention that is participating in your world became aware of us after our first set of Briefings was delivered, and their search for us began. We do not think they were expecting our presence and surely would be challenged and threatened by our message.

Yet our mission is not yet complete, for though we are no longer in your vicinity, there is Wisdom from the universe we can still provide for you. You need this Wisdom now, and you will need it ever increasingly as you go forward.