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The Allies of Humanity Book Three presents the third set of briefings from an off-planet source whose stated purpose is to prepare the human family for the realities of life in our local universe and to alert us to an alien Intervention now taking place on Earth.

The Allies of Humanity claim to represent a group of “free worlds” in our local region of space who do not pursue intervention or domination of other worlds, but instead seek to support freedom and sovereignty in emerging worlds such as our own. Here the Allies distinguish themselves from the Intervention into our world by exploitative commercial forces they call “the collectives” whose activities represent a dark agenda kept secret here for over half a century. The Allies of Humanity Briefings reveal the four major activities of this alien agenda and give us a clear picture of who is visiting our world, why they are here and what they ultimately want.

The Briefings also give us a window into the reality of life beyond our world, a view that we would never have otherwise, revealing the nature of trade, travel and interaction between worlds and the challenges humanity will face in our local environment of space. With this the Allies make clear that we are in the unfortunate position of being a native world discovered by powerful forces from beyond. History has taught us the danger and the tragedy that native peoples faced when they encountered outside forces for the first time. Now we are all the natives of a new world facing the threat of Intervention.

The Allies Briefings give us the key information we need to understand the Intervention, to protect ourselves from its activities and ultimately safeguard our world from its agenda. With this, we are also given a new vision of humanity’s future in space and a pathway to cultivating a greater unity and freedom in our world as we emerge into a larger universe of intelligent life.

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Table of Contents:

First Briefing: The Reality of Contact

Second Briefing: The Requirements for Freedom in the Universe

Third Briefing: The Tools of the Intervention

Fourth Briefing: Hidden Powers

Fifth Briefing: Many Voices in the Universe

Sixth Briefing: Greater Community Realities

Seventh Briefing: Questions & Answers

The Society for The New Message is now providing all four volumes of The Allies of Humanity online at no cost. We do this so that this message can reach as many people as possible, both at the grass roots and in positions of political, economic and religious power.