First Briefing: Who We Are and What We Represent

We give greetings. We are the Allies of Humanity here to speak with you once again after a long delay. We are far away from your world now, and we have been away for some time. But there is much we can impart to you that will be of great significance and importance for your future and for the possibility of you growing and becoming a free race in the universe, where true freedom is so very rare.We speak for those free races who live amongst many others who are not free. But we are not here representing their governments. Instead, we were sent by Higher Powers from the spiritual realm to give these Briefings to humanity.

We have come from several nations for this purpose and are united in our cause. You will not know our names nor the names of our worlds, for they must remain hidden. Once you begin to understand the realities of life in the Greater Community in the universe, you will be able to understand why this discretion must be exercised.

You who broadcast everything out into space around you will have to realize that to be free, you must be discreet. This is a great lesson for humanity to learn as it stands at the threshold of a universe full of intelligent life.

We speak for those free races who live amongst many others who are not free. But we are not here representing their governments. Instead, we were sent by Higher Powers from the spiritual realm to give these Briefings to humanity.

We are here to give you counsel and perspective and to correct many of your assumptions or beliefs that could jeopardize your ability to understand your situation and the great challenge you now face from Intervention in your world from beyond by other races who are here to take advantage of your weakness, your divisions, and your superstitions for their own purposes—to establish their precedence in this world without the use of force.

We have spoken of this at great length in our previous Briefings. But now we must tell you about some other things that are important to know about the meaning of freedom in this universe—what it will mean for your world, the great change that it will bring to your understanding, and the greater unity it will require amongst your nations.

For you will not remain a free world if you continue your struggle with one another—your dissensions, your competition, your violence, your wars. Fighting amongst yourselves, you have no idea of the presence of those who are intervening, or the many eyes in your local universe who are watching you, and all the errors of humanity being broadcast out into space for the discreet observer to see—your tribes warring with one another in a beautiful world that is desired by others. And though there are not many other races or nations that are aware of your existence, the challenge is yet very great, very real and growing all the time.

So we must speak of things now that have to do with your future, that have to do with the possibility of humanity becoming a free race in a universe where competition has been carried to greater levels than you understand.

We give this with great respect for humanity because you have kept your religious traditions alive, and the power of Knowledge within the individual is still recognized and honored here, where it has been lost and forgotten or never realized in so many other places. For the great technological nations in your local region of space are largely devoid of religion, spirituality and the higher ethics that you may still hold dear, which we value as well.

You stand at the great turning point of whether you will fall into submission to foreign powers or whether you will rise up from your endless conflicts to establish yourself as a free nation. We have given much wisdom and perspective on this in our previous Briefings. But now we must tell you what freedom means and what it will require of your nations and your peoples.

For conquest is not allowed in this region of space. We have spoken of this at length before. Yet it must be repeated, for humanity is still very warlike and competitive in its attitude.

While worlds are distinct and unique and different in many ways, the requirements of freedom in the universe are the same for all. You must understand these requirements and not neglect them in any way.

For peace amongst your nations is not merely the cessation of war and conflict. It must be a preparation for a greater engagement and a greater set of challenges that your world is facing now and will face increasingly as you go forward.

Your freedom now is to protect the world, to insulate the world from those powers that will all seek to intervene here, both through the physical environment and through the mental environment.

The freedom that will require your nations to be cooperative will also require that there cannot be great dissension, for the influence from the outside, from the Greater Community, will seek to stimulate dissension, as it is doing now. It will seek to weaken the strongest nations by engaging them in endless and intractable conflicts and competition. It will seek to weaken people’s belief in their own governments and institutions, as is occurring now.

The strength of human leadership and institutions must become stronger in the future and more united between nations and across the nations. For what will unite humanity is the challenge of the Greater Community. What will require cooperation will be the threat of Intervention from beyond. What will elevate humanity in its unity and purpose is its emergence into this larger arena of intelligent life.

The few free races in your part of space will be the only ones who will value you for greater reasons and for higher purposes.

Freedom here is not the freedom to be chaotic or the freedom to break down into individualistic purpose and pursuits alone. It is the freedom to insulate and protect your world from the greater technological powers that exist around you, who will seek to persuade you and to divide you through subtle means.

For conquest is not allowed in this region of space. We have spoken of this at length before. Yet it must be repeated, for humanity is still very warlike and competitive in its attitude. It will think of Intervention in military terms. But no intervening race or group seeks to destroy the resources of this world or their hope that humanity will become a workforce—compliant and allegiant to them. You must now begin to think in new ways, for influence in the Greater Community is powerful. It is the threshold that is awaiting you now.

Your freedom in the future, should you be able to gain it and maintain it, will limit individual freedom out of necessity. For all the citizens of the world will have to be committed to the protection of the world. It will be fundamental. Though once you begin to see the tentacles of the Intervention, in the world today and in the future, this understanding will grow and must become part of your foundation.

You do not realize you live on a beautiful planet in a universe of barren worlds. Most habitation in worlds is a product of advanced technology, and the worlds of origin of advancing races have largely been despoiled, such as you are despoiling your world now.

It is a Greater Community awareness and understanding that we are advocating here today with you. You cannot think like primitive people, for the universe you are facing is not primitive. You cannot refer to the past only, except to understand that all Intervention is carried out for aggressive purposes. Think not that any race will come here to really help you, for if they establish their appearance here in a visible way, it will be part of a great persuasion.

If you degrade the world continually, you will become so unstable in the world that you will seek help from the outside out of sheer desperation. This is the great danger that you now face.

No race intervening in the world today is here to help humanity. They are competing races here, competing for advantage in this world, a world of great opportunity and wealth. You do not even realize how important it is.

Your freedom will have to be very practical in the future and very united. You will have to be free together, not free apart from each other. You will have to be free in purpose, not free to break that purpose down. You will have to be free to unite, not free to break that unity.

Perhaps this does not look like freedom to you from where you stand at this moment, but in contrast to the reality of most nations in this entire region of space, it is a great freedom, we assure you.

In our Briefings, we will describe what freedom can look like as it is established. The outer reality of the Greater Community will determine to a greater degree how this freedom will be established and must be maintained.

Yet you still live thinking you are in isolation in the universe, that the universe is a big empty space around you. And perhaps you feel that you are special and blessed by the Divine, so special that any race that would come here would seek to help you, to understand you, or to appreciate you. But such is the ignorance of living in isolation, an ignorance that all emerging races in the universe will likely have, to one degree or another.

Alone you think you are unique and special. But when you enter this grand panorama of life, you will see that others will only regard you for their own benefit, and that the few free races in your part of space will be the only ones who will value you for greater reasons and for higher purposes.

We have had to struggle greatly to regain our freedom from Intervention and to sustain it, which has required us to remain very discreet in this larger panorama of life. It has required that we stay out of the great networks of trade and be free of the overarching organizations of trade that determine how races will participate and engage in commerce with one another. For once you enter these networks, your freedom will be lost.

You who seek greater technology from greater powers in the universe must learn this great lesson. Do not accept any technology from those visiting your world. For they will plant the seeds of your future dependence and with these seeds, as they grow, they will gain greater and greater authority over your minds and your world.

We have had to learn these lessons in our respective worlds. And though our worlds are unique and do not actively engage with each other, except on a very limited basis politically, there are Higher Powers in the universe who direct the great Network of the Wise—who engage individuals in different worlds and nations.

We are part of this Network, and that is why we have come to give you great assistance. We have no interest in establishing ourselves in this world, for you are not ready for Contact. You must gain freedom through your own efforts. We can give you wisdom, warning and perspective, but it is you who must earn your present and future freedom and utilize the great understanding we are giving to you.

You have no idea how daunting the universe really is—how many worlds have fallen under foreign domination, worlds in a very similar state of emergence such as your own, and how few have been able to escape this domination.

It is in part the work of the Higher Powers to support this freedom in races that show potential for it—Higher Powers assigned by the Divine to protect Knowledge in the universe—greater wisdom, purpose and meaning.

Otherwise, advancing technological societies end up becoming ever more like one another: secular, rigid, dominating, competing with each other constantly for advantage. They would not value your individual freedom, but only see you as being chaotic and destructive to your world. They do not understand the things that we speak of. They do not know of the Higher Powers. And if they do have an awareness of this, they will seek to suppress the expression of these Powers wherever they can.

This is the reality of life in the universe, the reality of Separation from the Divine Presence and Purpose—Separation under which you live constantly as well. To break the chains of Separation requires unique wisdom, power and strength, which you must cultivate and which must be supported in you from Higher Powers.

When we speak of Higher Powers, we are not speaking of races of beings in the physical dimension, for there are no enlightened races in the universe, really, only small groups of wisdom connected with each other, through both physical and mysterious means. In this way, the Networks of the Wise can communicate through the Unseen Powers, the Angelic Presence, without ever having physical contact, which in so many cases could never occur.

This is humanity’s great challenge, the challenge to its freedom and sovereignty in this world. As we continue, we will talk about the meaning of this freedom, the requirements of this freedom and the great strength that must be given to sustain it amongst so many nations who are not free.

It is a great truth in the universe that the Wise must remain hidden to remain wise. This is the great lesson before you now.