Fifth Briefing: Many Voices in the Universe

There are many voices now that will speak to humanity, voices from the Greater Community. Their messages will be delivered to individuals to be given to the world. Many of these messages will be the same or very similar—encouraging Contact, encouraging trust, encouraging compliance and discouraging resistance, discouraging doubt, discouraging further inquiry and discouraging the asking of questions.

Humanity has only one set of true Allies in this neighborhood of space in which your world exists. We have been sent to represent them. There are other mentors farther away who will send a message to humanity encouraging human freedom, human unity and human sovereignty. But amongst those who live in your vicinity, we represent those free nations that are closest to humanity and have the most to hope for and to fear, depending on the decisions that humanity will make for itself.

The consequences will be great for us. For free nations are rare and have had to earn their freedom. They have had to mature and become strong and united to ward off the many influences that the Greater Community will inevitably bring to them.

You do not yet know what a great requirement this is. Perhaps you do not yet have the confidence that humanity can achieve such a significant goal—a goal that far exceeds anything that humanity has established for itself thus far.

The Intervention is eroding human confidence, encouraging humanity’s dependence on foreign powers for its technology, for its guidance and for its governance, while your true allies will only provide wisdom and point the direction towards Knowledge.

There are many voices in the universe. There are many messages being delivered to the Earth. You must evaluate them based upon their content.

There are many voices. If your life is based upon wishful thinking and hope alone, you will choose those voices that tell you what you wish to hear and that amplify and justify your hope. If your approach to life is based on fear, you will listen to those voices that tell you that you have no power in the universe and that it is useless to resist.

These are two forms of persuasion leading to the same end. But the path of freedom for humanity has to set a higher goal and one more difficult to achieve. For acquiescence is easy. Submission appears to be easy. Receiving gifts, and with them governance, appears to be easy. Many people want what is easy, even if it is not what is right.

This issue of faith and determination is crucially important for humanity, for your allies are not going to come and rescue you by force. We have spent a very long time securing our position in the Greater Community, building up our insulation and our anonymity, maintaining our connections with one another, building our strength and our discernment, our unity and our self-sufficiency. We would not threaten all of this to rescue a weak and divided race, regardless of its great talents and potential.

It is humanity that must gain this strength, this faith and this determination. If it does not do this now, it will not do this in the future. The power of Knowledge within you will guide you and lead you to do this as an individual and as part of a greater effort.

Securing stability and freedom in your world represent the two great activities for the human family now. This means creating stability in facing the great change that is happening in your environment and establishing unity based upon consensus and awareness rather than by forced submission. You must aim towards this and not settle for a compromise with any foreign power.

One of the reasons that free nations are rare is that the goal requires great strength, faith and determination. It is easy to align yourself with other powers. It is easy to receive their offerings. It is easy to hand over the reins of authority to others, hoping and believing that they are benign in their intentions.

Many choose this path. Many are led to choose this path. Some are led easily. With others it is more difficult. But humanity will have to be fiercely independent if it is to remain free within a Greater Community of intelligent life, where the expressions of power and influence are very strong and are very constant. It is the strength of being a person who is strong within their own culture, facing so many influences that would compromise that person. We can speak of this, for it is a universal problem.

A free nation will want strong individuals. A nation that is not free will want compliant individuals.

A free nation will support individual creativity and contribution. A nation that is not free will direct each person according to the design that has been given to them.

A free nation will support the discovery and the experience of Knowledge. A nation that is not free will never mention it, if it is aware of it at all.

A free nation will seek to remain isolated in the universe and to support its self-sufficiency. A nation that is not free will seek whatever wealth and power it can gain from others and thus become intertwined with the intentions and the compromises wrought with other nations.

A free nation will not attempt to gain access to other worlds to exploit their resources and to gain control over their inhabitants. A nation that is not free will do this within the boundaries of what is allowed within their region of space.

If a nation that is not free lives in an uncharted territory or in a sparsely inhabited part of the galaxy, they can use force to overtake another nation, for in that circumstance, there is nothing to oppose them unless they have a direct competitor.

Free nations will want to maintain a connection with each other for support and for the sharing of wisdom. Nations that are not free will become bound together for wealth and acquisition and to support each other in maintaining their compliant populations.

Free nations will seek to communicate deeply and openly with other free nations. Nations that are not free will seek to control and manipulate the perceptions and the responses of others.

Free nations will share their wisdom with emerging races such as your own. Nations that are not free will seek to take advantage of these emerging races. If these emerging races possess wealth or a world of strategic importance, they [Intervention] will seek dominance and control there.

The very wise in the universe, whom we have learned from in our own development over time, have told us that one should not seek technology beyond what is needed and required for unity, self-sufficiency and discretion. For if one seeks ever further power and advantage through technology, one will become exposed to other nations. One will compete with other nations. One will become intertwined with other nations.

There are many voices in the universe. There are many messages being delivered to the Earth. You must evaluate them based upon their content and upon your connection to Knowledge. You must want the truth above and beyond any other advantage, or your desires will blind you and your beliefs will lead you astray.

It is a difficult challenge to be the race that is discovered. It carries with it a great responsibility and a great danger. Humanity has no defense yet against such intrusions nor does it recognize the danger that exists at its borders. You are living and thinking as if you lived in isolation, without realizing that your isolation is over and that you will never have it again. You have reached a point in your development where other races will attempt to persuade you and influence you on an ongoing basis.

You possess wealth and yet, to your advantage, Knowledge has not been taken away from you. You have maintained your religious traditions. You have maintained awareness that you have a connection to a Divine Source beyond any worldly power. You value your conscience, still. Knowledge has been kept alive in the world for your benefit. Now you need it as never before.

Knowledge has told us to prepare these Briefings for the benefit of humanity. Knowledge has guided us to take great risks to ourselves to come into the proximity of your world to closely observe the Intervention that is occurring here. Now that our Briefings have become public, the Intervention is aware of our presence and has tried to find us. To avoid capture, we have left your region and are in a secure position far outside your solar system.

Our thoughts are private. Knowledge has taught us how to keep our thoughts private. And the Great Presence—whom we call the Teachers, whom you might think of as an Angelic Presence—has enabled these communications to Earth to take place, free of any technological interference or interception.

We have great assistance in this matter. And humanity has great assistance as well. But even the greatest assistance cannot be effective if humanity will not claim its own strength and exercise its own duties and responsibilities as the native peoples of this world. Great assistance cannot overcome ambivalence. It cannot overcome all the compromises you have made in your engagement with one another and in your use of your world.

We know what it is like to be discovered, and we are well suited to provide this wisdom to you, for we have undergone intervention, each of us in our own worlds. In several of our worlds, the Intervention took control and had to be overthrown violently, at great cost. Others amongst us were able to prevent the seizure of our nations and our assets.

We have learned, through error and through trial, the wisdom that we are presenting to you now. We too believed that we were the center of life in the universe and that any who would come to visit us would take great interest in us. Since we were self-centered, we believed and expected that the visitation would be centered upon us. But, alas, their presence was to gain access to resources, to gain allegiance, to establish our dependence on their technology and to intertwine us in their networks of trade and commerce, luring us with promises of wealth and power.

Each of our nations succumbed to certain degrees to this persuasion, for we were facing our own challenge of resource depletion in various stages. Of our seven nations, four were overtaken. The other three resisted this sufficiently to build the strength to resist intervention. We do not want to see humanity fall under the persuasion of foreign powers, for most races that do will never regain their freedom or sovereignty.

It is a critical time of decision in how you will live, how you will use and preserve your world and how you will engage and discern the Greater Community. The wisdom that we provide here can be very helpful to you in understanding what you are facing beyond the borders of your world. But we must call upon your strength. We must encourage you to mount this effort for yourselves, to educate your peoples and to undertake a Greater Community education. Your peoples are facing persuasion, inducement and pacification from their contact with those who are in your world today. The Intervention cares nothing for your cultures, and freedom is unknown to them. They only see it as the weakness of humanity, believing in the strength of their united effort.

You will not meet their leaders, for they are hidden. You will only encounter their servants and their human representatives. Already they have created crossbred individuals who are advisers in the corridors of power, particularly in the arena of commerce. They are planting seeds for a long-term effort, and humanity is aiding them in more ways than it knows by engaging in conflict between your nations and tribes, in competition and contention between your religious institutions and by overexploiting and overusing the resources of your world and not distributing them equitably, as any advanced nation must do.

You are aiding the Intervention in countless ways. They have but to plant their seeds, carry forth their agenda and allow time to bring humanity into their grasp. It is a plan well conceived, but it could not be achieved if humanity were well versed in the affairs of the Greater Community, recognized the danger in its midst and were determined to correct its activities and behaviors in the world.

This is why Briefings from your Allies have been sent and have been sent again. We must repeat our message continuously for it to be clearly understood, for we are competing with other messages that are being sent to the world, messages from the Intervention and messages from those nations that support the Intervention. We are communicating very different messages from one another, from very different sources, with a very different message, leading to a very different outcome.

If you believe or pray that another nation will come to save you, you will be saved by another nation that has helped lead you into your current and future state of decline. You will be playing into the plans that have been sown and laid for you. What nation would come to defend your world and to guide your leaders if they did not have the intention of establishing themselves there? No nation, no free nation, would risk its anonymity to do this or to put itself in direct opposition to nations that are not free, to risk war and the destruction of all that they have established to build their immunity, their discretion and their freedom from the Greater Community at large.

It is a fool’s trap. You do not yet see that those who would come to save you are but the competitors of those who seem to threaten you or even, in some cases, are working in concert with them. One will weaken you. The other will seem to rescue you. And all of this behavior will be done in compliance with what is allowed as long as humanity does not show significant resistance to the presence of foreign races. Like many general rules, there are many ways to get around it, many ways to use it and many ways to exploit it.

The regional powers that hold such sway in this region of space simply do not want war or outright conflict. They do not want their networks of trade to be disturbed. A few will take interest in the possibilities for your world, but most simply want to maintain the great networks that they have established and on which they are now dependent.

Your true friends in the Greater Community will not try to take over your world. Anyone who comes into your world and interferes with human affairs must attempt to control human awareness, perception and behavior to their own ends. Even if they believe they are doing this for your benefit, they must still seize control and exert their influence in ways that will undermine your future and your freedom.

The wise in the universe know these things. The unwise either do not know or choose not to listen. The fate of humanity will be determined in the next several decades by how humanity faces its own environmental crisis and how humanity chooses to deal with and to respond to the Intervention that is in the world today. It is a time of great choosing, a time of great risk.

We know this. We had chosen incorrectly and then correctly regarding our encounters with life in the universe. But we had others like us to advise us, for not only did we have allies in the universe, we had great friends beyond the visual range. Groups such as ours were sent to each of our worlds to advise us and to help us to prepare through Knowledge and wisdom. They did not take an active part in our liberation. They were only mentoring us towards our freedom and educating us as to what freedom would require and how it could be achieved.

Every individual in the universe who is intelligent has Knowledge within them. But in a highly controlled environment, the possibility of this Knowledge to be stimulated and to emerge becomes very, very small. We would consider life in these nations intolerable and extremely cruel. There you are just simply used as a resource to serve the existence and the survival of your group and the powers that lead you. There are even nations in your world today who are leaning in this direction. We have seen this and learned this through your communications, through your foolish broadcasting.

If you lose your resources, you will lose your freedom. Even without the Intervention, this would be the case. To keep civilization from collapsing, strict order would be imposed with no allowance for dissent or disagreement. This is why the destruction of your self-sufficiency has called both your allies and your competitors to your world. Your competitors see a great advantage. Your allies see a great need.

We do not need what your world has, but we do have a need to have another free nation in our midst—a nation that is not governed from afar, a nation that has established stability and security for its people, a nation that has grown in maturity and scope and that has become trustworthy and united.

We support this throughout the universe, and we greatly support it within our own region. That is why Knowledge has brought us in service to humanity. In the great tradition of life in the universe, those races that have achieved freedom and the collective awareness of Knowledge have a responsibility to provide Knowledge and wisdom to weaker races and to emerging races such as your own. Yet this provision must be undertaken without interference. That is one of the stipulations that is required. We can advise, but we cannot interfere if we are to pass this wisdom on to the peoples of the Earth, and if we are to empower the peoples of the Earth to become a strong and united race.

This great heritage in the transmission of wisdom has been underway since before anyone’s memory or awareness. It is part of the Plan of the Creator to share the achievements of one race with others. We assume this is happening everywhere in the universe, though we cannot tell for sure.

We were supported in re-establishing our freedom and independence, and now we are here to advise the human family as to what it must see, know and do to assure its freedom and independence. Thus, the tradition is maintained, and it continues onward.