Четвертый Отчет: Высшие Силы

There are two realities in the universe; one overlaps the other. The first and most primary in your experience is the reality of Separation and evolutionary change, planetary change—from primitive life, primitive social organizations, early nations, larger nations, world nations and finally emergence into a Greater Community of larger nations.

Overlapping this is the work of the Divine throughout the universe, carried out by the Higher Powers, the Angelic Forces that oversee all races, even in the unfree nations, looking for opportunities to cultivate Knowledge in individuals who are free enough and able enough to respond. This creates a great Network of the Wise, which then can support the emergence of free nations, who still have the potential for this great accomplishment.

Вмешательство Божественного происходит через Высшие Силы, через Сети Мудрых и через нации, которые смогли сохранить индивидуальную осознанность и Знание ...

In the physical universe, there are only the forces that were set in motion at the beginning of time. There is no Divine Plan organizing everything, controlling everything, for the physical universe is largely chaotic and governed by celestial forces, geologic forces and, within worlds where life has been able to take hold, biological forces. That was all set in motion at the beginning of time by the Divine, and it is running itself now.

The Divine Intervention is through the Higher Powers, through the Networks of the Wise and through nations that have been able to keep individual awareness and Knowledge alive, despite all of the hazards and conflict that usually exist in a world’s evolution and social development.

As we have said, there are no enlightened races in the universe that we are aware of, but there are free races, and within free races, the Wise may guide their nations. They would be more plentiful than they would ever be in nations that are not free.

The Divine has outposts in many, many places. And there are groups of the Wise working in many, many places, even in great secrecy. Free nations allow these groups to resurface and become effective in society. But the truly Wise are individuals networked in small groups, networked within their own nation or networked between nations, connected through the Higher Powers.

So do not think that there is an enlightened race who is going to come and enlighten humanity, or that humanity itself is going to become an enlightened race. That is far beyond its capabilities. But to be a free race where Knowledge can be fostered and supported openly, that is the great achievement. That is the great challenge and requirement placed before you now.

There are two kinds of freedom. There is practical freedom to live your life without overdue restraint or domination, practical freedom to live with stability and security, without the constant threat of war or overbearing corruption. This is the foundational freedom, and it is so very important. It is the first thing that must be established.

Then there is the greater spiritual freedom of the individual to begin their return to the Divine and to gain access to the deeper Knowledge that God has created in all individuals, in all races in the universe who are living in Separation in physical reality.

Вы должны понять, что Действие Божественного в вашем мире связана с Действием Божественного во всех мирах.

This greater freedom is the calling of individuals, and it is limited by the fundamental freedoms they may have in their respective worlds and cultures. But the greater freedom is the ultimate freedom because the Power of Heaven can move through these individuals in service to others and, through the great Networks of the Wise, foster freedom and Knowledge in the entire Greater Community.

You must understand that the Work of the Divine in your world is connected to the Work of the Divine in all worlds. There is no special plan for your world, which is but a tiny place in a greater universe. God’s Plan is unified and well established. And Knowledge lives within you as an individual, which is how you connect with the Divine Presence and Power and how you begin to gain your inner freedom, even beyond the restraints of your outer environment.

Wherever the fundamental freedom can be built and established and maintained over time represents a greater possibility for the higher freedom to be fostered and supported, and the greater freedom that it will have in its expression in that world, in that nation, in that culture. For freedom in the universe is not the freedom to further your Separation. It is the freedom to return to your Source and to be of service in this physical reality.

As you can see here, even your most fundamental notions of peace, freedom and responsibility must now be redefined within a larger context, or you will continue to think that your peace and your freedom and your responsibility are for yourself alone, or for your family alone. This is not what these things mean in the Greater Community, and these will not be effective or even meaningful in the world you are now beginning to enter, where environmental degradation, the loss of food production and the changing climate of your world will make life much more difficult, requiring greater participation and cooperation if you are to succeed.

Even those things that threaten you from the outside, where they can undermine you here in this world, can foster greater freedom in the truest sense if this opportunity is recognized and claimed by enough people. The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity.

К лучшему или к худшему, миром управляет небольшое количество людей. Поэтому небольшое количество людей сможет спасти весь человеческий род от коллапса и распада.

For right now humanity is far too weak, far too divided, far too disorganized to ever be able to sustain itself as a free and sovereign race in the universe. What will build this strength, this cooperation, this freedom and this responsibility are the great challenges facing you now: the challenge of degradation and collapse from within and the challenge of Intervention and subjugation from without. Only these great and overbearing challenges will generate the requirement for freedom, strength and responsibility that we speak of here.

Not everyone will be able to respond to this challenge, but even if a small minority of people in your world can do this, it can lead to a greater outcome. The world is governed by small numbers of people, for better or worse. In this case, a small number of people could save the entire human race from collapse and disintegration.

Yes, it is a tremendous challenge. Yes, it seems to be unfair to your understanding. It even seems cruel to your understanding. But this is what it means to grow up in the universe: to become a mature race and not an adolescent race that fights and struggles amongst itself for privilege and wealth and opportunity.

We have had to grow up under the pain and challenge of Intervention and the degradation of our worlds. It is part of life, becoming an adult, becoming responsible, not only for oneself but for the well-being of one’s world—driven now by necessity, driven now by challenge, driven now by great threat. All these things are the foundation for the strength, the wisdom, the cooperation that you will need for the great change that is coming for the world.

We therefore do not bring peace, as you think of it. We bring challenge. We bring responsibility. We bring clarity. We bring wisdom. We bring strength. We bring the calling for all these things.

If you could but see or have a sense for where your life is heading and the degree of Intervention in your world today, it will either defeat you or you will rise to meet it. Such is the unseen opportunity here.

God knows this is the greatest threshold for the human family, the greatest threshold you have ever faced and may ever face—a declining world and emergence into the Greater Community, which usually accompany each other. God has sent a New Message into the world. We know of this. That is part of what has called us here to encourage the human family. We will speak of this next, for it is fundamental to your success and to your freedom.