Второй Отчет: Важность Сдержанности

You must exercise great restraint in the universe. Do not think you can go out and engage with anyone you find to be interesting, or to travel to other races’ worlds, or that you will find great meeting places where many races come together for recreation or for social purposes, for that surely is not the case.

We have been able to watch your films depicting life in the universe. Unfortunately, they are grossly incorrect and dangerously misleading. The reality is very different and very sobering.

Вам придется проявить большую сдержанность. Если вы настроены использовать передовые технологии других рас, они со временем получат контроль над вами и вашим миром. Нельзя идти на поводу таких желаний.

You will have to exercise great restraint. If you are determined to have advanced technology from other races, they will gain control of you and your world in time. This must be restrained.

If you seek to travel or to seize territory in other places beyond this solar system, you will face great opposition and conflict. You must restrain yourself from seeking these things.

You will not be able to go beyond this solar system to seek another world like your own should you despoil it too greatly, for such worlds are rare and are owned and guarded by others far more powerful than you. You must restrain yourself in wanting or expecting these things.

If you think that there are other worlds waiting for your exploration should you destroy this one through war or degradation, you will find that you have not the power or the influence in the Greater Community to gain access to them nor a means of reaching them, given your current state of technological development. You must restrain yourself from thinking these things—thinking that another world will be there for the taking, for that will not be the case.

You may think you can despoil your world and that technology will save you from the consequences, but your world will undermine human civilization if you do this and weaken you to the point where you will not be able to resist foreign intervention or the promises of peace, power and technology, which even today are being presented to leaders of your nations and certain leaders of your religious institutions.

You must restrain yourself from thinking you can despoil this world and have any hope of freedom and sovereignty in the universe or think that you can carry on war or competition, destructive competition, for the advantage of your nation. For this will only lead to greater weakness in the human family—fracturing the human family even more, destroying even further the possibility for future cooperation, which will be so necessary for your future and well-being.

You must restrain these notions that war is advantageous for you, that it will gain you profit or advantage here, for it will only sow the seeds of your demise and empower those races who seek to establish themselves here as overlords of this world.

Вам нужно будет развивать больше навыков и подготовиться: развивать осознанность, решительность, умение, сдержанность. Для вас сейчас Вселенная - всего лишь задний фон для ваших больших проблем на Земле.

Turn your eyes to the heavens. Your future and your destiny are there. Look up in the sky at night and know that it is full of intelligent life. While there are countless barren and uninhabitable worlds there, the number of races in your local universe in this sector, which is a small region of space, is tremendous. For you live in a very well inhabited part of the galaxy, where rules of engagement have been long established and where war has been suppressed. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage for you. As we have spoken of in our previous Briefings, you are protected from outright conquest, but the possibility and the reality of intervention and persuasion are tremendous.

You will have to gain greater skill here and preparation: awareness, determination, skill, restraint. For you now, the universe is merely the background to your great problems on Earth. But the reality of this universe is the greater force driving your world and your evolution. It is driving you because of the great challenge it presents, and the great opportunity and requirement for unity and cooperation that it will foster if it can be seen and known and responded to.

Never before has Intervention of this nature occurred in the world, for you were still too primitive and your technology still too undeveloped for you to be viable candidates for foreign control and persuasion. Though the world has been visited many times over the course of your long history, Intervention of this kind has never really been attempted.

But now you have created international communication, planetary commerce, planetary trade. You have created a basic infrastructure that others can use and profit from. This, plus the awareness that humanity may grow too strong for Intervention, has generated the Intervention in your world today, accelerated since the last great world conflict, and now accelerating in many different areas of your life.

It is a challenge, if seen correctly, that will enable you to rise above conflict and constant dissension within your world. For the resources of every nation must be united to protect this world out of sheer necessity.

Your understanding of the universe must change and become realistic. Your recognition of your precarious situation must be recognized and become foundational for you.

You must protect the environment of this world—its climate, its resources—or you will fall into poverty and despair on a level never seen before in this world. Yet such things have happened countless times in the universe, with inevitable and predictable results.

Our cultures are old enough to have a history of local events in this part of the galaxy. We have been able to see and know things that you cannot yet see or know directly. We can only give you this wisdom, this greater perspective. Do not think that it is merely a perspective, for it is the truth of your reality. It is what is coming. It is what is here already.