New Book Reveals Extraterrestrial Takeover

PR Web February 16, 2012

On February 16th, author Marshall Vian Summers released his newest book, The Allies of Humanity Book 3: A Message to Earth, which reveals a hidden extraterrestrial takeover on Earth and the wider implications of contact with life in the universe.

Summers’ Book 3 is the third installment of the internationally popular Allies of Humanity series and is being released as a $3.99 E-book for Kindle, Nook and iTunes. According to Summers, the “briefings” contained in Book 3 were provided by a group of off-planet observers called the “Allies of Humanity” who seek to warn Earth of a dangerous ET intervention now underway.

“The true story of the Allies of Humanity,” says Darlene Mitchell, editor of Book 3, “is the heroic journey of a small group of beings from a handful of nearby star systems. They were sent to Earth on a mission from free worlds to alert humanity to a clandestine invasion taking place in our world by commercial forces in the universe.”

In an interview on Coast to Coast AM, Summers said, “The publication of the first set of Allies of Humanity briefings actually endangered these observers and forced them to leave. Not only did these brave individuals dedicate their lives to this mission, leaving their home worlds behind—possibly forever,” said Summers, “but some very important figures died to deliver this message.”

Book 3 presents new information about the activities of a clandestine ET intervention and its plans to exploit Earth’s resources, usurp human leadership and employ humanity as a workforce for resource extraction. The Allies of Humanity reveal that Earth is a rare “biological storehouse” in a universe of barren worlds and that the biological assets of Earth, such as water, plant cells, blood plasma and genetic building blocks, are highly sought by commercial forces in our region of space.

Book 3 advises humanity to build unity and freedom and to defend Earth’s borders to space from alien forces who seek to subtly entrap our world in an ET sphere of control. Along with this, it presents a set of requirements for what human governments and citizens must do to thwart ET intervention and protect our freedom in the universe:

Discretion: The activities and telecommunication broadcasts on the surface of our world are observable by the Intervention. Radio communication into space must be limited.

Self-sufficiency: If we deplete our life-sustaining resources, we will be forced to trade for them with ET nations at a high cost and at great disadvantage.

Unity: Until the nations of the world unite, no ET force will recognize or honor human sovereignty. Instead, we will be treated as a bickering set of tribes living atop vast natural resources desired by others.

While a forceful call to thwart the dark activities of ET intruders, Book 3 is above all else an inspirational message to all people who value humanity’s freedom and sovereignty, declaring that, “It is time to realize what humanity has learned through its long and difficult history regarding intervention and the dangers to the freedom and self-determination of the native peoples. All of humanity are now the native peoples of the world, facing intervention.”

The Allies of Humanity Book Three: A Message to Earth is available as an E-book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Please contact Reed Summers for further information or to request an interview.

As Scientists Search for Alien Worlds, One Man Claims ET Life Has Already Made Contact

Globe Newswire

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 31, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As Kepler continues to scan the stars for habitable worlds, author Marshall Vian Summers claims a message from an ET source has already arrived on Earth. According to Summers, a set of briefings have been sent from a diplomatic mission to our world representing several nearby civilizations who call themselves the “Allies of Humanity.”

On February 15th, Marshall Vian Summers releases The Allies of Humanity Book 3: A Message to Earth, the third installment of this controversial communication.

Summers says he has received 19 briefings from a group of off-planet observers who seek to warn humanity about the danger of “intervention” by exploitative forces in our region of space. Summers’ Book 3 contains the latest seven briefings from these Allies and though he is listed as the author of the book, he claims no authorship over its words. Summers says each page represents the direct transcription of a message delivered in the English language by this diplomatic mission from our allies in space.

And while scientists employ telescopes to search the sky, Summers says ET life is already at our doorstep. “We are the ones being discovered. Our isolation in the Universe is over. Contact has begun, but it is contact of a dangerous kind. It is not visitation. It is intervention with a dark objective: undermining human authority without our awareness and bringing our planet into an ET sphere of control, where the resources of our world will be sent abroad and human freedom slowly and subtly subverted. Thanks to these briefings from the Allies of Humanity, we are being warned and alerted about this intervention and educated about life beyond our world.”

The seven briefings in The Allies of Humanity Book 3 detail the alarming decline of the Earth’s environment and humanity’s increasing vulnerability to “intervention” by commercial forces in Earth’s vicinity. Book 3 also presents the goodwill of a community of free races that seek to spark human unity and awareness without interfering in human affairs, confirming that not all is bad out there in the darkness of space.

The Allies Briefings also discuss the requirement for human-drafted rules of engagement, enforcing the security and sovereignty of Earth’s borders to space. Along with this, they set forth what is called “the Ethics of Contact,” a standard by which humanity can establish the guidelines for how and when contact should occur.

While Summers is making the Allies’ message openly available in book form, he says this set of communications came at a grave price. In an interview on Coast to Coast AM, Summers said, “Not only did these brave individuals dedicate their lives to this mission, leaving their home worlds behind-€”possibly forever-€”but some very important figures died to deliver this message.”

The Allies of Humanity Book Three: A Message to Earth is available in E-book form at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and

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