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The Society has a vital mission in the world. Humanity stands at the great yet precarious threshold of Contact with other forms of intelligent life in the Universe. This Contact has the power to change every aspect of our lives, either for good or for ill. Contact has already begun with unforeseen consequences. We are unprepared and largely unaware of what is taking place in our midst, unaware of the most important and consequential event in human history.

We need a greater wisdom now to prepare and unite us for this great threshold, and such a preparation has been given in a New Message for humanity of which the Allies of Humanity Briefings are a part. The two volumes of the Allies of Humanity Briefings along with the New Message have been given to prepare humanity for great environmental changes that are coming to the world and for the challenge of emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe as a free and self-determined race.

While the Allies of Humanity Briefings alert us to the dangers of premature Contact and the ethical dilemma of our being the native peoples of this world undergoing Intervention, the New Message reveals the deeper nature of our spirituality and its fundamental role in enabling us to prepare for our inevitable Contact with the Greater Community. While the Briefings are a gift of wisdom from our Allies in the Universe, the New Message itself has a Divine Source. It is this Divine Source that has called the Allies forth to bequeath their vital perspective and insight to humanity. For humanity is actually part of a larger network of races whose evolutionary path is to keep Knowledge, freedom and self-determination alive in the Universe.

The New Message is contained within over 20 volumes and 900 recordings. It has taken Marshall Vian Summers over 25 years to receive this great gift for humanity and the revelation continues to this day…

Marshall Vian Summers and The Society for The New Message have been given the immense responsibility of bringing this New Message into the world. It is a burden that has required us to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to this great service to humanity. Yet this is a responsibility that far exceeds what we can do alone. It requires the support and assistance of many people. You, who may be among the first to receive and experience the Allies of Humanity Briefings and the New Message , can make a real contribution to this vital mission.

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