The Allies ask us to take a stand for the well-being of our world and to become, in essence, Allies of Humanity ourselves. Yet to be real, this commitment must come from our conscience, the deepest part of ourselves. There are many things that you can do to offset the Intervention and to become a positive force by strengthening yourself and others around you.

Some readers have expressed feelings of hopelessness after reading the Allies material. If this is your experience, it is important to remember that it is the intention of the Intervention to influence you to feel either accepting and hopeful or helpless and impotent in the face of their presence. Do not allow yourself to be so persuaded. You find your strength by taking action. What can you really do? There is a great deal you can do.

Educate yourself.

Preparation must begin with awareness and education. You must have an understanding of what you are dealing with. Educate yourself about the UFO/ET phenomenon. Educate yourself about the latest discoveries of planetary science and astrobiology that are becoming available to us.

Recommended reading

• See “Additional Resources” in The Allies of Humanity Book 1 Appendix.

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Resist the influence of the Pacification Program.

Resist the Pacification Program. Resist the influence to become listless and unresponsive to your own Knowledge. Resist the Intervention through awareness, through advocacy and through understanding. Promote human cooperation, unity and integrity.

Recommended reading

• Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 6: “What is the Greater Community?” and Chapter 11: “What is your Preparation for?”

• Living the Way of Knowledge, Chapter 1: “Living in an Emerging World”

• The Allies of Humanity: Book Two, Second Commentary: “The Effects of the Pacification Program”

Become aware of the Mental Environment.

The Mental Environment is the environment of thought and influence in which we all live. Its effect upon our thinking, emotions and actions is even greater than the effect of the physical environment. The Mental Environment is now being directly affected and influenced by the Intervention. It is also being affected by government and commercial interests all around us.

Becoming aware of the Mental Environment is crucial to maintaining your own freedom to think freely and clearly. The first step that you can take is to consciously choose who and what is influencing your thinking and decisions through the input that you receive from the outside. This includes media, books and persuasive friends, family and authority figures. Set your own guidelines and learn how to clearly determine, with discernment and objectivity, what other people, and even the culture at large, are telling you. Each of us must learn to consciously discern these influences in order to protect and uplift the Mental Environment in which we live.

Recommended reading

• Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume II, Chapter 12: “Self-Expression and the Mental Environment” and Chapter 15: “Responding to the Greater Community”

Study The New Message.

Learning The New Message brings you into direct contact with the deeper spiritual mind, called Knowledge, that the Creator of all life has placed within you. It is at the level of this deeper mind beyond our intellect, at the level of Knowledge, that you are safe from interference and manipulation from any worldly or Greater Community power. Knowledge also holds for you your greater spiritual purpose for coming into the world at this time. It is the very center of your spirituality. You can begin your journey in The New Message today by starting the study of Steps to Knowledgeonline at

Recommended reading

• Greater Community SpiritualityChapter 4: “What is Knowledge?”

• Living the Way of KnowledgeAll chapters

• Study of Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing

Form an Allies Reading Group.

To create a positive environment where the Allies material can be deeply considered, join with others to form an Allies Reading Group. We have found that when people read the Allies Briefings and the books of the New Message aloud with others in a supportive group setting and are free to share questions and insights as they go, their comprehension of the material grows significantly. This is one way that you can begin to find others who share your awareness and desire to know the truth about the Intervention. You can start with just one other person.

Recommended reading

• Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume II, Chapter 10: “Greater Community Visitations,” Chapter 15: “Responding to the Greater Community,” Chapter 17: “Visitors’ Perceptions of Humanity” and Chapter 28: “Greater Community Realities”

• The Allies of Humanity Book 2: All chapters.

Preserve and protect the environment.

With each passing day, we are learning more and more about the need to preserve, protect and restore our natural environment. Even if the Intervention did not exist, this would still be a priority. Yet the Allies’ message gives new impetus and a new understanding for the need to create a sustainable use of our world’s natural resources. Become conscious about how you live and what you consume and find what you can do to support the environment. As the Allies emphasize, our self-sufficiency as a race will be necessary to safeguard our freedom and advancement within a Greater Community of intelligent life.

Recommended reading

• Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume I, Chapter 14: “World Evolution”

• Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume II, Chapter 25: “Environments”

Spread the message about the Allies of Humanity Briefings.

Your sharing the Allies’ message with others is vitally important for the following reasons:

– You help break the numbing silence that surrounds the reality and specter of the extraterrestrial Intervention.

– You help break down the isolation that keeps people from connecting with one another about this great challenge.

– You awaken those who have fallen under the influence of the Pacification Program, giving them a chance to use their own minds to re-evaluate the meaning of this phenomenon.

– You strengthen the resolve within yourself and within others not to capitulate to either fear or avoidance in meeting the great challenge of our time.

– You bring confirmation to other people’s own insights and Knowledge about the Intervention.

– You help establish the resistance that can thwart the Intervention and promote the empowerment that can give humanity the unity and strength to establish our own Rules of Engagement.

Here are some concrete steps that you can take today:

– Share this book and its message with others. The entire first set of briefings is now available to read and to download at no costhere at the Allies website.

– Read the Declaration of Human Sovereignty and share this valuable document with others. It can be read online and printed

– Encourage your local bookstore and library to carry both volumes of The Allies of Humanity and the other books by Marshall Vian Summers. This increases access to the material for other readers.

– Share the Allies material and perspective in existing online forums and discussions groups whenever appropriate. These cardsand this summary sheet may assist you in representing the Allies Message.

– Attend related conferences and gatherings and share the Allies perspective.

– Translate the Allies of Humanity Briefings. If you are multi-lingual, please consider helping to translate the briefings in order to make them available to more readers around the world.

– Contact The Society to receive a free Allies advocacy packet with materials that can help you share this message with others.

Recommended reading

• Living the Way of Knowledge , Chapter 9: “Sharing The Way of Knowledge with Others”

• Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume II, Chapter 19: “Courage”

This is by no means a complete list. It is merely a beginning. Look at your own life and see what opportunities may exist there, and be open to your own Knowledge and insights on this matter. In addition to doing the things listed above, people have already found creative ways to express the Allies’ message – through art, through music, through poetry. Find your way.

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